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logo for Colfax Federal Interchange Transformation Project 

Colfax & Federal Interchange Transformation Project

Both the City and County of Denver (CCD) and the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) recognize the opportunity at the Colfax and Federal Interchange to reevaluate the current configuration and develop a design that maximizes network opportunities and future land use efficiency.


The purpose of the City and County of Denver Colfax and Federal Interchange Transformation Project (“Transformation Project”) is to build out the understanding of technical factors, including the interchange configuration, improving the transportation network for all users, stormwater requirements and possibilities, and evaluate the scenarios that best connect to the vision, goals, recommendations and strategies from previous citywide and area specific plans. 

Stakeholder Meeting - May 6, 2020 (PDF)

Many people in the community want to know, What makes this study different than all of the previous planning and transportation work done before?  The difference between this study and the previous is one, is that Denver and CDOT are analyzing the possible transformation of the Federal and Colfax interchange with an integrated viewpoint, ensuring that the infrastructure for both stormwater and transportation mobility are addressed to allow for development and a connected system into the existing neighborhoods and the future of the Stadium District.

schedule of Colfax and Federal Interchange Transformation project

The schedule outlines the 2020 planning study work efforts that will result in a preferred scenario that takes into account the community needs, supports a safe and accessible transportation network, and meets requirements for stormwater management.


Project Phases: Discovery & Vision Framework Development

March – August 2020

The project team has met with the Stakeholder group twice to date, once to kickoff the project and the second to receive input on existing conditions and the vision framework.  The Vision Framework is being developed from the 20+ previous neighborhood and agency studies, and the project team will work with the community to understand any missing gaps from efforts that have been completed. 

Additionally, the project team will be creating 3 interactive newsletters and related mini-surveys to be shared with the community related to: 1) mobility, 2) stormwater requirements, and 3) land development possibilities.

Newsletter #1 – Transportation Mobility:

Newsletter #2 – Stormwater:


Project Area of Influence

While the Transformation Project is analyzing and developing ideas of change for the orange diamond shaped Federal/Colfax interchange, the neighborhoods of Sloan’s Lake, Jefferson Park, Auraria, Lincoln Park, Sun Valley, Villa Park, and West Colfax are connected factors.

Colfax and Federal Interchange Transformation project area influecne map


With over 25 background documents and points of reference that include historic information, neighborhood plans, master plans, roadway alignment studies, and hydrology studies, there are many commonalities that the Transformation Project will build upon.  These previous efforts had many commonalities that include the need for equitable, affordable and inclusive places/spaces; improving safety for a multi-modal transportation system; and supporting community values that include diversity and supporting the existing community.

Project Timeline

Timeline of Colfax and Federal Interchange Transformation project



A virtual stakeholder meeting was held on May 6, 2020 to evaluate the possibility of transformation and understand the needed transportation and stormwater infrastructure.

The next stakeholder meeting is scheduled for June to discuss Vision Framework.

Contact the Project Team and/or Sign Up for Project Notifications

Eileen Yazzie
Planning Manager, Department of Transportation & Infrastructure