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General Storm Crestone Peak


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The City and County of Denver will be installing an improved, expanded storm drain system in E. Dakota Avenue beginning at S. Kearney Street and ending at the alley east of S. Holly Street. Additionally, new storm pipes will be installed in the alley north of E. Dakota Avenue between S. Holly and S. Ivy Streets and in the alley south of E. Dakota Avenue between S. Ivy and S. Jersey Streets.


This area experiences persistent, localized flooding because the existing alley sumps (low-point, water collection points) are undersized.  The street and alleys will be repaved once construction is complete. 

The purpose of the project is to reduce localized, nuisance flooding and increase pedestrian and driver safety during storm events.  

There may be temporary interruptions of utility services, including water service. Advance notice will be provided to the impacted residents. 


The new storm drain infrastructure (shown in orange below) will be built in E. Dakota Avenue beginning at the “downstream” end at S. Kearney Street and extending to the alley east of S. Holly Street at the “upstream” end. The stormwater pipes in the alleys will be built at the same time the new stormwater pipe is being installed in E. Dakota Avenue. 

Project Area

map image showing project area for General Storm Crestone Peak project

Project Status: Construction

Status: Construction

Construction will begin in December 2020 and will conclude in Summer 2021.

Design — 2018-2019

Planning — 2017

Council District: 5

Neighborhood: South Hilltop

Project Information Sheet (PDF)

Contact the Project Team


Josh Duran, Project Manager, Duran Excavating, Inc.

TBD, Superintendent, Duran Excavating, Inc.

City and County of Denver

Blake Russo-Nixon, Project Manager

Mark Barry, City Inspector