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Elyria Swansea at York
East/West Connectivity Study

The area north of I-70 and south of 49th Avenue has very limited transportation connections, particularly for east/west travel across industrial areas and railroad tracks. Many of the streets do not connect and lack full sidewalks, lighting and other utilities. This limits safe access to important community destinations and businesses.

The intersection at 47th and York has severe challenges, where the railroad and two major roads converge in an “at-grade” crossing. A number of previous studies, including the recent Elyria Swansea Neighborhood Plan (2015) identified the need to address this intersection, which the community uses to access Swansea Elementary School.


map of Elyria Swansea study area north of I-70, highlighting 47th and York intersection


Final Study ReportFinal Concept Design report cover

Thanks to all who participated and provided feedback for this study.

We have identified a recommended alternative for the 47th Avenue and York crossing: a bridge with stairs and ramps on currently unoccupied areas south of 47th Avenue.

Read the final Concept Design Report (PDF)

The next phase of this project is preliminary design, which will move forward in 2017. There are no estimates on construction dates.

Study Process

The City is taking a comprehensive approach to improving transportation through this project. The Elyria Swansea at York East/West Connectivity Study will focus broadly on improving transportation in the area, with specific focus on designing a safe pedestrian and bicycle grade-separated crossing at 47th and York. The goal is to minimize property impact while providing this much-needed connection.


  • Winter/Spring 2016: Public meetings and input
  • Summer 2016: Identify and review preferred alternatives for 47th and York grade separation
  • Fall 2016: Select option and develop concept design for recommendation

The City has prioritized creating a grade separated crossing at or near 47th and York and is committed to working with all local agencies and other partners for potential funding sources.

Project Status: Study Complete

This study was conducted in 2016 to evaluate multi-modal connectivity in Elyria Swansea and improvements in the area north of I-70 and south of 49th Avenue. The final report identified a recommended alternative for a crossing at 47th Avenue and York. Preliminary design will begin in 2017.


Emily Silverman, Senior City Planner 
Denver Public Works
Policy, Planning and Sustainability | 720-913-1743