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Jackson Street Storm Drain System

The Jackson Street Storm Drain Project will provide a critical link between the lower and upper Montclair Basin system for managing stormwater and offer improved flood protection for residents and businesses in the project area between Colfax and 12th Avenues, from Jackson to Albion Streets.


The Montclair Drainage Basin is over nine square miles and is Denver’s largest drainage basin without an open waterway. The result is significant, persistent flooding problems for homes and businesses during heavy rainstorms and other storm events. Rain that falls in the drainage basin becomes storm runoff that flows in a northwesterly direction, ultimately draining into the South Platte River.

The Montclair Basin has been identified as a priority basin for storm drainage and water quality improvements. The expanded and improved Jackson Street Storm Drain System will ultimately provide additional capacity for the upstream area around Hale Parkway. 

Construction Updates
Week of March 30, 2020

  • Crews will be working on Saturday, March 28 and April 4 between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The existing traffic plan will remain in place as follow:

  • Intermittent closures of the far right lane of southbound Colorado Boulevard will occur between E. 16th and E. Colfax Avenues to accommodate truck staging for hauling material from the construction site.
  • The westbound lanes of E. Colfax Avenue around Jackson Street will remain closed during the first phase of construction.  
  • The eastbound lanes of E. Colfax Avenue will remain open and adjusted during this time to provide one eastbound and one westbound lane for traffic.

Please note that vehicles traveling westbound on E. Colfax Avenue are able to turn right on northbound Harrison Street for access to local businesses and the neighborhood. Businesses in the project area are open during construction.

During the first phase of construction, the sidewalk on the north side of E. Colfax Avenue around the intersection at Jackson Street will be closed.



Jackson Street project area shown in green


Phase 1 Construction

The City & County of Denver will be installing an improved, expanded storm drain system to provide greater flood protection for Congress Park residents, National Jewish Health (NJH) patients and staff, and local businesses from heavy rainstorms and other storm events. 

  • Construction on westbound Colfax Avenue at Jackson Street — 3-4 months (January 2020 through April 2020)
  • Construction on eastbound Colfax Avenue at Jackson Street — 3-4 months (April 2020 through early July 2020)
  • North end of Jackson right-of-way at National Jewish Health parking lot (Driveway to Circle Entrance) — 8 months (January 2020 through August 2020)
  • South end of Jackson right-of-way at National Jewish Health parking lot (Circle Entrance into E. 14th Avenue between Garfield and Harrison Streets) — 7-8 months (mid August 2020 through March 2021)

Schedules are subject to change based on weather and other factors.

Detours and Traffic Impacts

Through traffic will be maintained for the majority of the project. 

Full lane closures are expected to be required on E. 14th Avenue between Garfield and Harrison Streets during the final phase of the project to ensure the safety of the construction crews as they install the new pipe. Detours will be put in place during this phase of construction.

General Construction Impacts

  • The RTD stop at E. Colfax and Colorado Boulevard will remain open during construction. While crews work in the westbound lanes of E. Colfax, the bus stop at Garfield Street may be impacted. Additional impacts may occur when work shifts to the eastbound lanes of E. Colfax.
  • Access to National Jewish Health has been temporarily relocated from E. Colfax Avenue to 14th Avenue.
  • Construction is also underway on the National Jewish Health new Center for Outpatient Health on the northwestern most section of the former patient parking lot, situated at E. Colfax Avenue, between Jackson and Garfield Streets.  For more information about this project, please visit

two DOTI employees post standing inside 126-inch stormwater pipe 

March 2020

This large, 126-inch stormwater pipe will provide additional capacity for water to flow and reduce flood risks in the area.

Project Status: Construction Beginning

Work for Phase 1 of the project began in January 2020 on the north side of Jackson Street across E. Colfax Avenue, continuing through the parking lot at National Jewish Health, then eastward one half block on E. 14th Avenue toward Harrison Street. Work is expected to continue through Spring 2021.

There will be future design and construction for Phase 2, which will connect on the east side of Colorado Boulevard at about Albion Street near Hale Parkway. 


Project Hotline: 720-460-9055 (English & Español)


Ames Construction

Perry Lopez, on-site construction contact

Rob Wise, Project Manager

City and County of Denver

Terry Martin, Project Manager
Department of Transportation and Infrastructure, Infrastructure Project Management