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Globeville Sanitary Lining Project

Project Completed

Lining work will be completed the week of June 10, 2019.

The map shows the sanitary mains in the Globeville neighborhood that were lined. Some mains are located in alleys at the rear side of your lot.



Brock Gordon | 303-791-7199 ext. 580106

Email is the preferred form of communication before construction begins. Please include your name, address (if applicable) and questions/concerns.

During Business Hours
 720-460-9055 — English & Spanish

Insituform Technologies

Brock Gordon
303-791-7199 ext. 580106

Brian Hoover

Hotline: 720-460-9055

  • If you do not have an active project or do not know the name of your City Project Inspector or contractor
  • If you have reviewed the information on this site and still have questions

During business hours, our goal is to return calls promptly. Please allow some time for a response before calling other numbers provided on this site.