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South Broadway & I-25 Improvement Projects

The City and County of Denver's planned improvements along South Broadway corridor and at the I-25 Interchange aim to create a corridor that provides safe and efficient mobility for all transportation modes (pedestrian, bicycle, transit, and automobile); promote transit-oriented development; and to accommodate the existing, future and planned developments along the South Broadway corridor.



  • South Broadway from Arizona Avenue to Exposition Avenue
  • Ohio Avenue from the east approach of Lincoln Street to Broadway
  • Mississippi Avenue between the Consolidated Main Line Railway and Logan Street


  • Realignment and reconstruction of three of the I-25 interchange ramps

Transit Access

  • Building an extension of Exposition Avenue to provide access to RTD’s I-25 & Broadway Station from the North

Current Projects

South Broadway & Mississippi Avenue

July 28, 2017: South Broadway Reconstruction Project Wraps Up

Denver's Department of Transportation and Infrastructure has reconstructed a stretch of South Broadway from Kentucky to Arizona and a section of Mississippi Avenue between the Consolidated Main Line (CML) Railway and Sherman Street. The project began in March 2016 with the goal of improving overall mobility for people on bikes, on foot and in vehicles. 


Broadway/I-25 Wedge Ramp

The current phase of the redesign and improvements to the Broadway/I-25 intersection will focus on the southbound on-ramps (from Broadway to southbound I-25) and the reconstruction of Broadway from Ohio Avenue to Exposition Avenue.


The City and County of Denver's Broadway Arizona to Exposition Project will be constructed in three to four phases. As each phase is funded for construction, the City and County of Denver (City) will follow the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) guidelines for acquisition of required properties within the project corridor. This guidance provides the City will follow their standard process of completing Right-of-Way plans, then City Council passing an ordinance authorizing property negotiations and acquisitions. Upon ordinance passage the City will contact affected property owners and begin the negotiation discussions, offers will be made after appraisals or value finds are completed. The City reserves the right to utilize imminent domain, but will continue to negotiate to meet fair value agreements through the acquisition process.

Impacts determined during the Environmental Assessment can be found on page 3-20 and 3-21 of this document: 
South Broadway Environmental Assessment and Section 4(f) Evaluation (PDF)


Final Design Project Scope

The overall project scope for these two projects will reconstruct South Broadway from Kentucky Avenue to Arizona Avenue and Mississippi Avenue between the Consolidated Main Line Railway (CML) and Lincoln Street. Improvements will include roadway widening; multi-use paths from Arizona to Kentucky along Broadway and from the CML to Sherman along Mississippi; pedestrian and street lighting; landscape and streetscape; and upgraded signalized intersections at Broadway/Tennessee and Broadway/Mississippi.

Meetings and Public Outreach Materials

2010–2012 public outreach materials

Other Planning Efforts


Mike Harmer, Project Manager
Department of Transportation and Infrastructure