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South Broadway Reconstruction 

Denver Public Works is reconstructing a stretch of South Broadway from Kentucky to Arizona and a section of Mississippi Avenue between the Consolidated Main Line (CML) Railway and Sherman Street. Construction began in March 2016 and was completed in July 2017 to improve the roadway surface and enhance mobility for all users.

Project Features

  • Replacing the asphalt surface along South Broadway from Kentucky to Arizona with concrete, which has a longer life span
  • Enhancements for pedestrians and people on bikes, including the construction of multi-use paths and new street and pedestrian lighting
  • Planting of trees
  • Replacing the signals at Broadway/Tennessee and Broadway/Mississippi
  • Upgrading waterlines

The project also promotes future transit-oriented development surrounding the RTD I-25 & Broadway Light Rail Transit Station.



July 28, 2017: South Broadway Reconstruction Project Wraps Up

Denver Public Works has completed the reconstruction of South Broadway from Kentucky to Arizona and a section of Mississippi Avenue between the Consolidated Main Line (CML) Railway and Sherman Street. The $12 million project, underway for the past 16 months, has significantly improved overall mobility along the corridor for people on bikes, foot and in vehicles. Continue reading

Construction Overview and Update (PDF) 

We are excited to announce that the South Broadway Reconstruction project is 75 percent complete. Thanks to warmer weather, the team is on track to finish work early (weather permitting), with full use of roads as early as two months before the designated completion in late August. Work on Mississippi west of South Broadway should be complete before Memorial Day weekend. This will include a beautiful new elevated walkway.

Streetscaping and landscaping are expected to be done in June, including new streetscaping features with brick pavers and landscaping planters, as well as amenities such as new bike racks, new trash receptacles, and new benches to relax and take in the gorgeous Colorado views. 

The project team is grateful to area businesses and residents for their continued patience during construction!

  • Completion of East Tennessee reconstruction.
  • Sidewalk on east side between Tennessee and Kentucky Avenues.
  • Work on West Mississippi for the completion of the retaining walls and pathways, reconstruction of the north half of roadway will continue throughout May.
  • Completion of the island at south and west corner of Kentucky along with 3 handicap ramps.
  • Completion of concrete median island between Mississippi and Tennessee.
  • Completion of the remaining street lights and decorative lights between Tennessee and Kentucky on east side of Broadway.
  • Final striping of the roadway with inlaid thermoplastic pavement markings for the traffic lanes.
  • Final placement of pavement markings for stop bars, crosswalks, turn arrows and words and symbols.
  • Installation of brick pavers, street fixtures, landscaping and irrigation.


  • Spring/Summer 2016 — Work along Broadway and Mississippi to relocate water lines, remove trolley tracks, replace sections of curbs, sidewalk and pavement 
  • Winter 2016/17 — Work along Mississippi to build retaining walls, install new traffic signals and lighting
  • Spring 2017 — Reconstruction of Broadway
  • Summer 2017 — Landscaping, streetscaping, additional signage completed

The South Broadway project has been divided into a series of six construction phases. The project is expected to be completed by the summer of 2017.

Phase 1 — Complete

  • Waterline relocation and the reconstruction of South Broadway from Arizona Avenue to just south of Tennessee Avenue on the east side

Phase 2A

  • Wall demolition and reconstruction at northwest corner of Mississippi and Broadway.

Phase 2 

  • Completion of concrete sidewalk and ramps on the west side of Broadway between Arizona and Kentucky Avenues.
  • Complete concrete landscaping irrigation, curb planters, brick pavers and planting on west side of Broadway between Arizona and Mississippi Avenues.
  • Completion of East Mississippi Avenue roadway reconstruction, median island and turn lane, concrete sidewalks, ramps and landscaping between Lincoln and Grant Streets.
  • Completion of the dedicated right turn lane at Kentucky Avenue.
  • Completion of traffic signals at Mississippi intersection.

Phase 3

  • Center lane construction between Mississippi and Kentucky Avenues; ongoing with Phase 2 above.
  • Full reconstruction of the pavement on West Mississippi between Broadway and the Acoma bridge after wall construction.

Phase 4

  • East side reconstruction of Broadway and East Tennessee Avenue.
  • Finish east outfall storm sewer.
  • Install landscaping irrigation, curb planters, brick pavers, sidewalk and street lighting.

Phase 5

  • Center islands constructed north of Arizona and south of Tennessee.
  • Northbound traffic will be returned to the east side of Broadway.
  • Landscaping irrigation, curb planters, brick pavers, sidewalk and final striping/signing.

Phase 6

  • Completion of any roadway lanes unfinished due to traffic constraints


Map showing work areas along South Broadway from Arizona to Kentucky, and W Mississippi Ave from Santa Fe to Grant