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E. Tennessee Ave. and S. Oneida St. Storm Drain

The City & County of Denver is planning stormwater pipe and infrastructure improvements beginning at Lollipop Lake in Garland Park and the Cherry Creek waterway and ending at E. Tennessee Avenue and S. Oneida Street. This goal of this project is to decrease property damage due to local flooding; increase pedestrian and driver safety during storm events; and improve water quality for stormwater runoff that will be going into Lollipop Lake and Cherry Creek.


As of Fall 2019, the 60% design phase is complete. Following the completion of a final design, the new storm drain infrastructure will be built in multiple phases beginning at the intersection of E. Mississippi Avenue and S. Monaco Street Parkway. When fully operational, the new storm drain pipe will run from the “downstream” end of Lollipop Lake to the “upstream” end at E. Tennessee Avenue and S. Oneida Street.

November 2019 Meeting Materials

See the latest conceptual design of Lollipop Lake and Garland Park:

renderings and descriptions of concept design for Lollipop Lake and Garland Park

Project Location

map of project area from Garland Park to Oneida Street

Phase 1: Mississippi/Monaco

  • Lower the existing 72-inch water pipe that runs north-south in S. Monaco and construct a new stormwater pipe that will run east-west in E. Miss. over the lowered water pipe.
  • If funding allows, the outfall from Lollipop Lake to Cherry Creek will also be rebuilt as part of this phase of the project to handle additional stormwater from the newly constructed pipe.

Phase 2: Lollipop Lake in Garland Park to Monaco 

  • Install new storm drain between S. Monaco and the east end of Lollipop Lake in Garland Park. 
  • Create vegetated swale and wetlands where stormwater will flow into Lollipop Lake; a vegetated swale is a broad, shallow channel, planted with grasses on the bottom and sides and acts as a water quality filter for stormwater entering the lake.

Phase 3: Monaco to Oneida/Tennessee

  • Complete the project by installing a new stormwater pipe in E. Miss. to connect between S. Monaco and the sump (low point) in S. Oneida Street just north of E. Tennessee Avenue. 
Project Status: Design

60 percent design was completed in Fall 2019.


  • Planning – 2018
  • Design – 2019-2020
  • Construction Phase 1: Feb–April 2021

Council Districts: 5 and 6

Neighborhood: Washington Virginia Vale


Hotline: 720-460-9055

For questions, comments or to sign up to receive project updates, please email

City and County of Denver

Sam Pavone, City Project Manager


Dave Center, AECOM