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Valverde Stormwater Improvement Project


This project will help improve safety and reduce flood risks to people and property in the Valverde and Athmar Park neighborhoods, two areas of town known to flood. Beginning in mid-February, weather permitting, the city will install a larger stormwater pipe along West Alameda Avenue from Bryant to Decatur Streets, which will provide more capacity to carry and drain stormwater in this area. In addition, lateral storm pipes will be installed along residential streets between West Alameda Avenue and West Dakota Avenue.


photo showing flooding on city street in Valverde neighborhood

Flooding in Valverde neighborhood


CONSTRUCTION UPDATE: Week of July 6, 2020

  • Crews will not be working on Friday, July 3 and Monday, July 6 
  • On Tuesday, July 7, crews will begin installing lateral pipes in the alley directly west of Dale Street.  Installation will extend for approximately 150 feet immediately south of W. Alameda Avenue.  During this phase of construction:
    • Access to W. Alameda Avenue from Dale Street and the alley south of W. Alameda will be closed.
    • Access to businesses and residences in the project area will be maintained.
  • Vehicular and pedestrian traffic will be impacted during this phase of construction as follows:
    • The eastbound lanes of W. Alameda between Decatur and Canosa Streets will be closed. The westbound lanes of W. Alameda Avenue will remain open and adjusted to provide one eastbound and one westbound lane for traffic.
    • Access to W. Alameda from Clay Street south of W. Alameda has been reopened for eastbound travel only.
    • Sidewalks in the project area on the south side of W. Alameda between Clay and Decatur Streets will be closed to pedestrians during this phase of construction.
    • The RTD stops on the north side of W. Alameda Avenue at Bryant Street and on the south side of W. Alameda Avenue at Clay Street will be reopened. The stop on the north side of W. Alameda at Clay Street will close.


Project Status: Construction Beginning

Construction is expected to begin in February 2020 and should be completed by Fall 2020.


  • Design – 2017-18
  • Construction – 2020

Council District: 7

Neighborhoods: Valverde, Athmar Park


Hotline (English & Spanish)

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City and County of Denver

Shawn Callahan, City Inspector


BT Construction Inc