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Cory Merrill Safe Routes to School
Multi-Modal Improvement Project

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The City and County of Denver intends to implement multimodal safety improvements (collectively called the “Cory Merrill Safe Routes to School Project”) along E. Florida Avenue and E. Iowa Avenue. 

These improvements will include:

  • sidewalk infill construction on E. Florida Ave., from S. Clayton S. Steele St.,
  • sidewalk infill construction on E. Iowa Ave., from S. University Blvd. to S. Columbine St.,
  • a new bike lane on E. Florida Ave. from. S. Race Street to S. Steele St.,
  • signal rebuild for the signal at E. Florida Ave. and S. Steele St.,
  • a concrete bump-out to replace the paint and post-bump-out on the southeast corner of E. Florida Ave. and S. Steele St., and
  • repaving of E. Florida Ave. from S. University Blvd. to S. Steele St.

Project Overview:

Starting in Fall 2020, the City and County of Denver will begin construction to improve walkability and access along E. Florida Ave. and E. Iowa Ave. As part of the Safe Routes to School Program and the Elevate Bond Program, this project aims to enhance pedestrian, cyclist, and vehicular safety for residents and students traveling to and from school within the Cory Merrill neighborhood. These infrastructure improvements collectively will provide enhanced safety and access while also benefiting the community in many other ways, including traffic calming, safer pedestrian crossings, safer bicycle travel, traffic efficiency, and multi-modal safety.

The Cory Merrill Safe Routes to School Project is one of the first neighborhood sidewalk infill projects in the City and County of Denver. The type and location of safety improvements were selected based on input from the Cory Merrill community as ideal locations to implement pedestrian safety infrastructure facilities.

Striping Maps

map of Cory Merrill project area showing intersection of Florida Avenue and Steele Street 

map of Cory Merrill project area showing Florida Avenue bike lanes 

second map of Cory Merrill project area showing Florida Avenue bike lanes 

If you need assistance with reading any of the striping maps, please contact the project manager, Brendan P.aradies at

Construction Progress

Completed / In Progress

  • Florida/Steele intersection
    • Signal rebuild (COMPLETE)
    • Permanent/concrete bulb-out on SE Corner installed (COMPLETE)
  • ADA compliant curb ramps and alley ramps on Florida installed (COMPLETE)  The ramps on Iowa will be installed when the sidewalk is installed on Iowa.
  • Mill and Overlay on Florida: Repaving on Florida Avenue from University to Steele (COMPLETE)
  • Bike Lane on Florida: Bike lane striping and associated signage has been installed from Race to Steele by DOTI Ops (COMPLETE) 
  • Florida/Clayton Intersection: A crosswalk has been striped on the western leg of Florida and Clayton Intersection with pedestrian yield signage (COMPLETE) 
  • Forestory
    • Impacted trees along Florida Avenue have been removed (COMPLETE)
    • Impacted trees along Iowa will be removed by the end of August (IN PROGRESS)
  • Residential Engagement: Residential feedback and questions has been addressed by staff in a timely manner to answer questions regarding schedule, project details, and irrigation concerns.


Upcoming Work

  • Utility Coordination: Xcel anticipates moving necessary poles on Florida and Iowa by end of September 2020
  • Sidewalks on Florida and Iowa
    • Design to be finalized by end of September 2020
    • Construction anticipated to be installed by November 2020
Virtual Public Meeting

A virtual public meeting was held for the Cory Merrill Multimodal Improvements Project on May 21, 2020.

A video of the presentation is now available (YouTube)

Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ)

Project Schedule and Timeline

How Did We Get Here?


Denver Moves: Bicycles: the city-wide, community-driven, bicycle network master plan is developed


Multiple public meetings and steering committee meetings with Cory Merrill Neighborhood to identify key locations


Funding identified and design process begins

Coordination and alignment with other planned improvements in the area

Policy-related design questions addressed


Final design, community outreach, and project construction

Project Contact

Brenden Paradies, Project Manager

Department of Transportation and Infrastructure