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About City Transit Service Pilot

In September 2020, the City and County of Denver initiated a planning study to discover where a neighborhood transit service should be operated to serve community needs and improve mobility for its residents.  Following on lessons learned from Denver’s City Shuttle Microtransit Pilot with Chariot in 2018, a local neighborhood transit service will be defined from extensive input and data gathered from the community.  Understanding where our residents want to go and at what times will be critical in any successful follow-up pilot.

Community Survey

Stay tuned to this page for updates and the opportunity to have your voice heard in the process with a community survey!

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Timeline of Events

Recent History of Denver Transit Service Development

  • October 2018 – Denver partners with Transportation Management Agency (TMA), Transportation Solutions and Chariot, a private microtransit service provider to launch a pilot of ‘City Shuttle’, a free-to-ride City transit service between downtown and the Cherry Creek area to help service, retail, and hospitality workers with the commutes.
  • January 2019 – Denver Adopts its First Major Transit Plan, ‘Denver Moves: Transit’.  This first of its kind study recommends development of a Citywide frequent transit network as well as to ‘conduct pilot programs in partnership with on-demand/ shared-ride service providers to supplement RTD service’.
  • November 2019 – Denver residents vote to create a City Department of Transportation & Infrastructure (DOTI), which will act as a modern agency focused on increasing mobility and safety while reducing congestion and fighting climate change.
  • September 2020 – The City and County of Denver kicks off a planning study to lead to a community based pilot service as a follow up to the City Shuttle.