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Denver's Challenge

The City and County of Denver has experienced record growth in the past five years. We now have an estimated population of almost 700,000 residents, all using the same city infrastructure. 

Record growth of 10.6 percent from 600,000 in 2010 to 663,000 in 2014; number of person trips is increasing while street network is finite

Although we cannot build more roads, we know our street network can handle this growth through more efficient use of space. The city is working on dozens of studies, designs, and construction projects to help our streets evolve to be multi-modal — supporting all kinds of transportation.

16 cars on the street - 16 people taking up significant space; those same 16 people take up less road space on a bus or pedestrian/bicycle friendly street

Denver's strategic transportation goals are focused on moving people, not vehicles. Making space for bicycles, transit, cars, and pedestrians means more people can travel safely on the same roads without making traffic worse.

Denver's commuters: 69.6% drive alone; 9.3% carpool, 7.1% take transit, 6.2% work at home, 4.4% walk, 2.3% bike

But planning for multi-modal communities isn't just about smooth commutes; it has positive impacts on the environment, quality of life, accessibility and other important values. When we provide more transportation options, all residents can make choices that fit their lifestyle.

Love This Place

We love this place by improving mobility options for everyone. Learn more about how you can do your part to love this place on the go.Denver Office of Sustainability logo