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Traffic counts

Traffic count data as collected over the past several years by Public Works Transportation Engineering Services is available on Denver’s Open Data Catalog.

These counts are used to determine future planning and projects, to gauge impact of proposed construction and development, and to develop new strategies for traffic and road management.

Traffic counts are an ongoing project. For additional information, please contact Public Works Transportation.

Count data

  • Main Location: Primary street where the Count was Taken
  • Locator: Indicates whether the count was between two streets, at an intersection, or at a specific directional point
  • Second Location: Cross street where the count was taken
  • Date: Last day of the study
  • Direction of traffic
  • Volume: Amount of traffic, including morning and evening Peak Hourly Volume
  • Annual Daily Traffic
  • Average Weekday Traffic
  • Average Weekend Traffic
  • Master ID: City GIS Street Center Line Mapping ID number