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Alternative Options

Even if you regularly drive, a car isn't always the most convenient option. In addition to public transit, there are many ways to get around Denver that can help ease congestion, save time, and save money! 

Taxis and Shuttles

Denver is served by several private taxi and shuttle companies, and most can be reserved in advance for important trips. 


A great alternative to single-car commuting; encourage your workplace to help employees coordinate routes and schedules. 

Ride Sharing

Use a smartphone app like Uber or Lyft to find a driver for short trips in urban areas. 

Car Sharing

With a membership in a regional car share program, you can have a car only when you need one. There are four licensed car shares with conveniently located vehicles in several Denver neighborhoods, available for one-way rides or round trips.

Bike Sharing

Get around quickly, especially downtown! Rent a bike for a fun ride or a short trip, instead of having to buy and maintain your own. (A credit card or debit card is required.) More information at