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Vision Zero Draft Action Plan

What is Vision Zero? Vision Zero is a transportation safety philosophy that is founded on the core principle that people should not be killed or seriously injured as a consequence of mobility. We do not have to accept fatal crashes as inevitable. Crashes are not accidents—they are preventable, with the right actions and commitment.

Why is Vision Zero needed? Because no other goal is acceptable. In 2016, 61 people were killed in traffic crashes in Denver and hundreds were seriously injured. Someone loses their life every six days while travelling in our City.

Denver’s vision towards zero — Denver has drafted a five-year Action Plan that sets the City and our many partners on a clear path to achieve zero traffic deaths by 2030. To do that, the City will take the following foundational steps:

  • Enhance City Processes and Collaboration
  • Build Safe Streets for Everyone
  • Create Safe Speeds
  • Promote a Culture of Safety
  • Improve Data and Be Transparent