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2017 Mulch Giveaway & Compost Sale to be held on Saturday, May 6th

(while supplies last)



Loader service into trucks and trailers at this site only



image of shovel full of mulch

Mulch is ground wood chips that can be used to:

  • control weeds
  • help soil retain moisture
  • protect shallow-rooted plants from weather extremes

The mulch is made from ground up Christmas trees collected through the Treecycle program and storm debris branches.



Compost sold at this site only

Compost prices (induding tax) are as follows:

  • $3.75 per 1.25 cubic ft. bag (9 gal. bag), or
  • $35.00 per cubic yd. bulk

Compost limit of 3 cubic yards or 20 bags per vehicle.

image of hand with compost and tiny tree

Compost is a nutrient-rich soil amendment made from decomposed organic material that can be:

  • mixed into soil to help reduce water and fertilizer needs
  • spread thinly over lawns to help grass roots retain moisture

The compost is made in part from leaves collected from last fall's LeafDrop program.


Mulch Giveaway & Compost Sale Event Reminders

  • Please bring your own pitchfork or shovel, and bags or containers for loading mulch.
  • Bring a tarp to cover your truck or trailer.
  • Due to limited quantities, Denver residents only.
  • Commercial vehicles are prohibited from taking or selling the City’s mulch or compost.

Bulk Compost Pricing Estimates

Small Pickup or Short Bed Pickup (Bed level full = approx. 1.5 CY. Includes loader service) $52.50

Large Pickup (Bed level full = approx. 2.5 CY. Includes loader service) $87.50

image of pickup truck getting loaded with dirt

Compost Application Rates

As a Top Dressing – Compost is excellent as a top dressing. It has a full range of nutrients essential to plant growth and health. Recommended for use in the spring and fall. Combine your top dressing with aeration

  • 1 Cubic yard/1000 Sq. Ft. = 1/4” deep

As a Soil Amendment – Compost can be used at any time of the year, in any type of soil. It is especially well suited for use when higher nutrient values are desirable. This compost should be incorporated thoroughly into the soil 6 to 8 inches deep.

  • 3 Cubic yard/1000 Sq. Ft. = 1” deep
  • 4 Cubic yard/1000 Sq. Ft. = 1-1/2” deep