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Large Item Pickup Service

Denver residents that have trash service provided by the City & County of Denver/Solid Waste Management may have large items (such as furniture and mattresses) picked up on a six-week rotation schedule.  This is referred to as Large Item Pickup (LIP) collection service.  LIP collection service is based on the type of trash collection provided by Solid Waste Management.


Follow these general guidelines when setting out LIP items:

      • 7 AM - LIP items should be set out by 7 AM according to Your Pickup Schedule on type of trash service.
      • 4 feet away - LIP items should be placed 4 feet away from the trash cans, dumpsters or other obstructions (recycling carts, cars, poles, mailboxes, etc).
      • 5 items - A maximum of five large items (furniture, etc.) will be collected per LIP cycle (every nine weeks) per household.  
      • If you would prefer to see your large items reused or recycled, visit the Recycling Directory for drop site locations for things like mattresses, furniture and yard debris.




Regular day of service during assigned LIP week.


Regular day of service during assigned LIP week.


Monday during assigned LIP week.  The LIP items will be collected sometime during the week.  The LIP truck will go through the alley once during the scheduled LIP week.

Do not place these items in your trash or set out for Large Item Pickup:
  • Construction and building materials
  • Wood boards or drywall sheets
  • Automotive fluids, parts or materials
  • Car tires or batteries
  • Electronics (televisions, computers)
  • Commercial, industrial or medical waste
  • Hazardous waste or chemicals
Visit the  Recycling Directory to find collection alternatives for these materials


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