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E-cycle Coupon Requests

E-cycle Coupon Program Suspended

Per Colorado’s Executive Order D 2020 17, recycling collection may continue to operate. In response, Blue Star Recyclers is now offering appointment only drop-off and pick-up recycling in Denver. Other locations will remain closed until further notice. 

Please contact Lorin Marco at or call (303) 534-1667 to arrange an appointment for drop off or pick up recycling. Limited to the Denver area for now. Residents requesting new coupons for mailing can expect a delay until further notice.

Thank you for your patience!


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Contact Denver Recycles by phone at 311 (720-913-1311) or by email.


Electronics Recycling Fee with E-cycle Coupon


Televisions and Monitors*

1st and 2nd unit = $10 each

Additional units = $0.55 - $0.60/lb.

Laptops, Tablets, CPUs, Desktop Units


Small Appliances, Printers, Scanners, and Other Electronics

$5 (up to 10 units)

E. g. 1 toaster + printer = $5

        12 printers = $10

  • Due to limited funding for this program, residents are limited to one E-cycle Coupon per calendar year.
  • E-cycle Coupons are only sent in the mail to the physical address of the resident.
  • Hard drives that are 160 Gigabytes or larger are wiped to U.S. Department of Defense standards. Smaller and solid state hard drives are shredded.
  • Using an E-cycle coupon can greatly reduce the cost of electronics recycling.


Televisions, monitors, CPUs, laptops, printers, scanners, faxes, keyboards, coffee makers, vacuums, blenders, toasters, mice, stereos, external hard drives & storage devices, cellular phones, telephones, DVRs, VCRs, digital cameras, video recorders, MP3 players, video game consoles, rechargeable batteries, sprinkler control boxes, wires,  and cables.


Air conditioners, refrigerators, large appliances, garbage disposals, humidifiers, smoke or carbon monoxide detectors, pressurized canisters, oil or gas devices, fluorescent bulbs, neon signs, car batteries, small button batteries or household batteries (rechargeable batteries okay).

For Information  on appliance recycling visit: Appliance Collection

Why is there a Fee to Recycle Electronics?


Recycling electronics is not free. While there are some valuable materials contained in electronic waste, the cost to dismantle equipment into the various materials is labor intensive and expensive, especially for televisions and monitors. That is why there is a recycling charge when electronics are recycled by responsible electronics recyclers. Through program sponsors and other funding sources, Denver Recycles is able to help offset part of the recycling charge and offer discounted electronic recycling programs.

E-cycle Coupon Recycling Drop-off Location