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Denver Recycles, a program of the City & County of Denver Public Works Department Solid Waste Management, is only authorized to provide services to residential homes of seven or fewer units and our own municipal facilities. Denver Recycles is not authorized to provide services to commercial properties such as businesses and apartment communities. 

(See Public Works Rules and Regulations: Governing the Preparation, Storage, and Collection of Household and Yard Rubbish)

Tips for Setting Up a Recycling Program at an Apartment and/or Multi-Familty Property


  1. Start a conversation with the landlord, property management team or HOA about getting recycling.
  2. Encourage other tenants to obtain a commitment from the property owners to add recycling services.
  3. Find out if the current waste hauler also provides recycling services.
  4. Negotiate the costs of recycling collection service with existing hauler or another hauling company.  Recycling costs might be offset by reduced trash collection services.
  5. Select a recycling hauler and determine a collection schedule.
  6. Be sure recycling containers are placed in common areas and are clearly identified.
  7. Appoint a recycling coordinator to monitor services.
  8. Kick-off the launch of the recycling program with a ceremony and memo from property management.

Solid Waste Management Services Available for Apartment & Multi-Family Property Residents