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Recycling in Denver Public Schools


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To help schools maximize their waste reduction and give students a chance to create life-long recycling habits, Denver Recycles provides these free resources to all Denver Public Schools. 

Classroom Recycle Bins

Free 18-gallon, purple recycle bins make collecting recyclables in the classroom and offices easy.  Order your bins and schedule a delivery through Denver Recycles. 



Classroom Recycle Station Posters

Create recycle stations in your classrooms by placing a recycle bin immediately next to a trash can and displaying our Classroom Recycle Station poster above them.  Contact Denver Recycles to order your posters.  


School Assemblies

Complimentary school assembly presentations are a great opportunity to review the importance of waste reduction and ensure all students and staff are motivated to recycle properly. Contact Denver Recycles to schedule your assembly. 


Weekly Collections and Ongoing Support

Sign up here for weekly collection reminders or print your school’s collection calendar. Contact Denver Recycles for additional school recycling questions and assistance, including expanding recycling to your lunchroom.