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Denver occupational privilege tax is also known as OPT or head tax.  The occupational privilege tax consists of two distinct parts: the employee occupational privilege tax and the business occupational privilege tax.  The tax is imposed on businesses operating in the City and on individuals who perform sufficient services within Denver to receive as compensation from an employer at least five hundred dollars ($500) for a calendar month. 

Each taxable employee is liable for the employee OPT, which is withheld by the employer at a rate of $5.75 per month.  The employer is also required to pay the business OPT at a rate of $4.00 per month for each taxable employee. 

Employees need not live in Denver nor the business be based within Denver to be liable for the OPT.  Additionally, the employer is required to pay the business OPT at a rate of $4.00 per month for each owner, partner, or manager engaged in business in Denver regardless of how much they earn.


Monthly Filing Due Date (all businesses with 10 or more employees) - last day of the month following the taxable month.

Quarterly Filing Due Date - April 30, July 31, October 31 and January 31.

Advance Annual Filing (allowed for sole proprietors and partnerships without employees) - April 30.


OPT Tax Return & Payment Mailing Address:

City and County of Denver
Department of Finance, Treasury Division
PO Box 660859
Dallas, TX 75266-0859

The City of Denver accepts the following types of payments:
  • Check (Personal, Cashier’s, Official) payable to the Manager of Finance
  • Money Order payable to the Manager of Finance
  • Cash
  • Credit cards (VISA and MasterCard only)
  • Debit cards (VISA and MasterCard only)


A non-refundable per transaction convenience fee of 2.5% for credit cards (minimum $3.00) or a flat $3.00 for debit cards will be assessed. 

The City and County of Denver does not accept Occupational Privilege Tax payments online at this time.


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Denver, CO 80202

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