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Tax Lien Sale Announcements




  • A lien is what the buyers are buying – not the property.  The buyers are given a treasurer’s certificate of purchase.
  • Buyers must have registered and deposited electronic funds transfer in order to make purchases.  Make sure names are spelled correctly on your registration.  Certificates will show the same information.
  • Buyers must be 18 years old or older.
  • Payment transfers that are rejected for any reason, including the lack of funds, may result in cancellation of the corresponding bid(s) and the treasurer may prohibit a person who fails to pay the amount due from bidding on sales for up to five years under §39-11-116, C.R.S.
  • City employees and their immediate family members (spouse; children; parents; brothers and sisters; grandparents; aunts and uncles; and the nearest lineal ancestors and their children) are not allowed to buy.
  • The “TS” on the right in the newspaper indicates an unredeemed lien from a prior year’s sale.  “PARTIALLY PAID” indicates that either the tax is for the second-half or that there is an additional fee for a service lien or maintenance district payment which is due on the parcel.  Note that this may be all that is due on the property.
  • The interest rate is 12% on this year’s certificates.  Subsequent years can be endorsed to these certificates at the same rate.
  • Be sure that the buyers know how to add on subsequent taxes.  Do not just pay the taxes.   The buyers must bring or send in the certificate to be endorsed to the Special Accounts Unit.  Subsequent taxes may be added in July annually.
  • The earliest the buyers can apply for a deed is October, 2021 for the 2017 tax year.  The earliest a deed can be issued is three and half (3.5) years from the November tax sale date.  The deed fee is $600.00.  Unused deed fees will be refunded.