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Transit Lane Added to 15th Street

Denver Public Works has installed red-colored “bus only” markings on 15th Street Downtown to designate a new 24-hour transit lane from Court Place to Larimer Street. New markings organize the roadway so that people who ride transit, bike and drive have dedicated space along the corridor to travel safely and with greater predictability. Red striped areas indicate where drivers can enter the transit lane to make right turns. 

The dedicated bus lane will reduce the time it takes to get through downtown on transit and make transit a more convenient option. Already the 15th Street corridor is an important transit corridor, with 4,700 boardings a day, 60 buses per hour moving along the corridor at peak periods, and a bus every 60 seconds at peak headway.

Transit only lanes are also planned for 17th, 18th and 19th Streets downtown.

roadway with red paint marking bus lanes and bus visible in background