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Denver To Create Safer Connections For People Who Walk And Bike On High Line Canal Trail

Imagine taking a walk or riding your bike along the High Line Canal Trail, when suddenly, you come to the intersection of Colorado Boulevard & Hampden Avenue. Two highly-traveled corridors for people who drive - about 77,000 vehicles pass through each day – so, it could be intimidating to cross on foot or on a bike, right? That’s why DOTI is working on a project that will create a safer, more convenient connection for people who walk and ride bikes on the High Line Canal Trail! This summer, crews are installing two underpasses that will be 10 feet tall (as tall as an elephant!) by 14 feet wide. The underpasses will reroute the trail under the intersection of Colorado Boulevard and Hampden Avenue. In addition, between the two underpasses, Denver will add a new, 10-foot wide multi-use trail along the north side of Hampden.

Over the last few years, a lot of collaboration went into this project. DOTI engaged with the community and worked closely with several partners, including CDOT, Arapahoe County and Cherry Hills Village. Construction on this highly anticipated project is expected to take about a year. DOTI expects the underpasses and multi-use trail will be ready for use by Spring 2021.

And this isn’t the only part of the High Line Canal Trail where DOTI is working to provide a safer crossing for those who stroll and bike. Underpasses will also be built at the intersection of Mississippi Avenue and Parker Road to reroute the trail there as well. Construction on these improvements are expected to begin in Fall 2020 – another way Denver is creating more safer streets to help save lives!

artist rendering of potential High Line Canal Trail concept looking north