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Improve Data and Be Transparent

A Vision Zero approach is different from previous safety approaches in that it focuses on collecting, analyzing, and using data to save lives. Vision Zero also holds the government and its partners accountable for its commitments. Clear, usable data that is available to both the City and to the public is essential to progress, not to mention the secondary benefits like telling a compelling story on progress and outcomes.

KEYSTONE ACTION NEEDED: Establish an official crash data source to be used by all City agencies and provide consistent reporting.

DPW and DPD will work together to establish an official data source for traffic crashes so that all City agencies and partners are consistent in reporting and measuring progress. Having a single source for crash data will enable the City to regularly monitor and communicate Vision Zero progress in a meaningful way.

2018 Major Activities

The Federal Boulevard Safety Study is an example of a demonstration and pilot project to test innovate safety processes and interventions.
To address dangerous conditions along Federal Boulevard, which in 2017 had a fatality rate 20 times higher than other urban Colorado streets, CDOT led the development of a safety study. Informed by a detailed crash analysis, the study recommended safety enhancements including the installation of medians, enhanced pedestrian crossings, enhanced lighting, and signal changes. These projects are expected to be constructed in 2019.

Increased Speed Data Collection and Analysis: Speed data collection boxes continue to be deployed to better understand operating speed data. Speed data has helped proactively identified areas that need enforcement and engineering measures.