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Enhance City Processes and Collaboration

Vision Zero is an important new approach in the U.S. because “business as usual” will not get us to zero. We need City processes, partnerships, and laws to prioritize traffic safety and allow for systematic change. We need to not only react to tragedies, but be proactive in helping prevent traffic deaths and serious injuries.

KEYSTONE ACTION NEEDED: Establish a permanent, dedicated funding source for Vision Zero implementation and coordination.

Continue to create a Vision Zero program with dedicated staff. By dedicating $2M/year initially and later, $3M/year to Vision Zero projects and programs, and by adding a total of 9 FTE over the next five years, the City will be able to effectively implement many of the actions in this Plan.

2018 Major Activities

  • Hired Dedicated Vision Zero Staff: In October, Rolf Eisinger joined the Department of Public Works (DPW) as the Vision Zero Project Manager. In this role, Rolf will coordinate Vision Zero efforts, track progress, and oversee implementation of Vision Zero projects. DPW also hired a Safe Routes to School planner and a dedicated Vision Zero engineer, and the Department of Public Health and Environment (DDPHE) hired a Safe Routes to School Coordinator. In addition, the Denver Police Department (DPD) hired a data analyst in their Traffic Operations Section to ensure crash data integrity. These new staff members will play a key role in continuing to institutionalize Vision Zero throughout City processes.
  • Convened Vision Zero Working Groups: Three working groups, Processes & Data, Speed & Street Design, and Culture of Safety convened this year. These working groups provide expertise and guidance on actions within each theme of the action plan and are comprised of staff from multiple City and County of Denver agencies, as well as stakeholders from external agencies, advocacy, and community groups.