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Build Safe Streets for Everyone

We recognize that people make mistakes, but that those mistakes should not result in death. A safe systems approach means that our transportation system can and will protect all street users. Because our resources are limited, we will first focus on the High Injury Network (HIN) and the most vulnerable Denverites, while looking for opportunities to make citywide changes.

KEYSTONE ACTION NEEDED: Update the Transportation & Mobility Policies and Procedures to include treatments with proven safety benefits and how to apply such treatments.

These documents guide how DPW makes decisions about street design and operations. By updating the policies and procedures, the City will prioritize the reduction of serious crashes in its decision-making and be better positioned to complete the other actions included in this category.

2018 Major Activities

  • DPW completed a number of infrastructure, operational, and other changes in 2018, including:
    • Intersection and street geometric changes with proven safety benefits
    • Traffic signal changes with proven safety benefits
    • New bicycle lanes and sidewalks
    • New mid-block pedestrian crossings
    • Additional speed feedback signs in school zones (with Denver Police Department support)
  • Finally, DPW developed a Multimodal Safety Toolbox that includes a number of spot treatments to manage and slow neighborhood traffic.