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New Storm Drainage Rates

Effective July 1, 2014, Storm Drainage rates will increase 2.8% based on the 2013 Denver-Boulder-Greeley metropolitan area increase in the CPI-U (Consumer Price Index-All Urban Consumers).

Ratio Group
  July 1, 2013-
June 30, 2014
July 1, 2014-
June 30, 2015  
 0-.10  $1.80 $1.85 
 .11-.20  $2.25  $2.31
 .21-.30  $2.72  $2.80
 .31-.40  $3.22  $3.31
 .41-.50  $3.68  $3.78
 .51-.60  $3.93  $4.04
 .61-.70  $4.17  $4.29
 .71-.80  $4.64  $4.77
 .81-.90  $5.11  $5.25
 .91-1.00  $5.60  $5.76

Minimum Annual Charge is $13.17 ($12.81 in 2013-14).

*Ratio=Total Impervious Area/Parcel Area

**Rate is $/100 Square Feet

Questions about rates

Effective July 1, 2014, your storm drainage rate increase will be 2.8%, based on the Consumer Price Index. Below is an example of the effect of the recent rate increase, assuming a 7,500 square foot parcel with 2,750 square feet of impervious area:

Year  Rate Increase  Annual Bill Annual Change
2010   $70.95   
2011  20.0%  $85.25    $14.30 
2012  2%  $86.90 $1.65
2013  2%  $88.55 $1.65
 2014   2.8%   $91.03    $2.48 

New in 2014

Effective January 1, 2014, the Wastewater Management Division has offered its customers the option of either paying the entire annual Storm Drainage bill in a single payment, or in two equal monthly installments. There is no fee associated with either of these options. Customers can still choose to pay by check, or to make a payment online.

E-Bill Coming in 2015
In 2015, we will be introducing and E-Billing option for customers who no longer wish to receive their annual Storm Drainage bills by regular mail. Please watch for future announcements.

A rate increase is necessary to fund vital improvements to Denver’s storm drainage system as determined in Denver Public Works’ 6-Year Storm Drainage Capital Improvement Plan; for projects to mitigate street flooding, and make citywide curb and gutter repairs.

Without an increase these important improvements can’t be made, localized drainage problems will persist, and Denver’s system will struggle to meet current and future capacity demands.

SUV driving through flooded street

stormwater flooding street and walkway

children looking down storm drain at curb

  • Storm sewers and inlets installation in neighborhoods to minimize local flooding and standing water.
  • Larger storm sewer outfalls construction to minimize major flooding throughout Denver.
  • Curb and gutter replacement and repair.
  • Creek, stream and river improvements.
  • Maintenance of Denver’s storm sewer system to improve capacity and water quality.

  • Ferril Lake Improvements: The project turned Ferril Lake into a detention pond to mitigate flooding in neighborhoods downstream including City Park, Park Hill and Five Points. This project also made it possible to make the necessary improvements to Ferril Lake, which was called for in the City Park Master Plan.
  • Park Hill: This project was initiated following the August 17, 2000 drowning of Fireman Bob Crump who died attempting to rescue a woman who had slipped into swirling floodwater near 50th & Colorado. The goal of the project was to better facilitate storm drainage in the area to accommodate the large volume of water that can fall during a heavy rain or snow storm. To date, $17 million worth of storm drainage improvements and a detention pond have been made to this area.
  • South Platte River Projects: Widened the banks of the South Platte River to allow a greater volume of water to travel through the river without causing flooding over the river banks. The South Platte River projects removed over 600 acres from the Platte River floodplain and cost around $25 million.
  • $59.4 million worth of improvements from 2011 through 2013, which includes all the projects already “committed” plus the annual maintenance programs.
  • Storm Drainage Annual CIP program, which includes curb and gutter repair, general storm repair of localized drainage problems.
  • Major storm drainage projects in 2011 through 2016.
    See a list of projects included in the 6-Year Storm Drainage Capital Improvement Plan.
  • Implementation of the new regional water quality program


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