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Completed Projects

Project Council
Neighborhoods Work Type Completed
General Storm - 11th Avenue and Elm St. 5 Hale Storm 2017
General Storm - S.Hudson St. and Pacific Place 6 Virginia Village Storm 2017
General Storm: Mt. Harvard - 3rd and Mariposa 7 Baker Storm 2017
General Storm: Mt. Elbert - Mexico Ave. and S. Oneida St. 6 Virginia Village Storm 2017
General Storm: Mt. Elbert - W. 11th Ave and Wolff St 3 Villa Park Storm 2017
General Storm: Mt. Elbert - W. 41st and Osceola 1 Berkeley Storm 2017
Kennedy Ballpark Overflow Modifications 4 Kennedy Storm 2017
Westerly Creek Sanitary - 11th and Willow
Summary and Before & After photos (PDF)
5 East Colfax Sanitary 2017
Hampden Heights Pond
4 Hampden South Water Quality 2017
UDFCD Study: Sloan's Lake MDP & FHAD Update 1, 3 Sloan's Lake, West Colfax, Jefferson Park, Sun Valley Storm  
UDFCD CIP: First Creek Restoration 11 Green Valley Ranch Storm  
Stock Show Sanitary Sewer
9 Elyria Swansea Sanitary 2016
2015 Annual Sanitary Improvements - Lining
1,2,3,4,6,7,9,10 37 neighborhoods Sanitary 2016
Kennedy Ballpark Detention Pond
4 Kennedy Storm 2016
General Storm - 141 E Vassar
Photos - Before & After (PDF)
6 Rosedale Storm 2016
General Storm - Dayton and Mississippi 5 Windson Storm 2016
General Storm - 33rd and Olive 8 NE Park Hill Storm 2016
33rd Street Outfall (Arkins to Mtn. Cement Segment) 9 Curtis Park, River North Storm 2016
First Creek Restoration Project 11 Green Valley Ranch Open Space Storm 2016
General Storm - Asbury Ave and Pearl Street
7 Platt Park Storm 2015
General Storm - 29th and Vrain St. 1 W. Highland / Sloan Lake Storm 2015