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Completed Projects

Project Neighborhoods Work Type Completed Council Districts
General Storm: Acoma Alley at Asbury Ave Overland Storm 2018 7
General Storm: 8202 E Lehigh Southmoor Park Storm 2018 4
General Storm: East Ellsworth Avenue Hilltop Storm 2018 5
General Storm: Hampden Heights Laterals:
S Geneva Street and Emporia Court
Hampden Heights West Storm 2018 4
W Byers Place Barnum Storm 2018 4
E Yale Avenue Storm Hampden Heights, Holly Hills, University Hills Storm 2018 4
50th & Washington Interceptor Curtis Park, Globeville, River North Sanitary 2018 9
General Storm: 10th and Grove Villa Park Storm 2018 3
Glenbrook Detention Basin Glenbrook Storm 2018 2
33rd Street Outfall: Blake to Curtis Cole, Whittier Storm 2018 9
33rd Street Outfall: Mtn Cement to Blake Rino, Curtis Park Storm 2018 9
General Storm: S. Forest Street Outfall Virginia Village Storm 2018 6
General Storm: W. Hamilton Pl and S. Wolff St Harvey Park South Storm 2018 2
33rd Street Outfall: SPR to Arkins River North Storm 2018 9
Glenbrook Detention Basin Glenbrook Water Quality 2018 2
Carla Madison Rec Center City Park Water Quality 2018 9
33rd Street Outfall: South Platte River River North Water Quality 2018 9
Cherry Creek Drive South Belcaro Water Quality 2018 10
48th Ave Sanitary - RTD Project Elyria Swansea Sanitary 2017 9
Westerly Creek Sanitary - 11th and Willow
Summary and Before & After photos (PDF)
East Colfax Sanitary 2017 5
General Storm: 11th Avenue and Elm St. Hale Storm 2017 5
General Storm: S.Hudson St. and Pacific Place Virginia Village Storm 2017 6
General Storm: 3rd and Mariposa Baker Storm 2017 7
General Storm: Mexico Ave. and S. Oneida St. Virginia Village Storm 2017 6
General Storm:  W. 11th Ave and Wolff St Villa Park Storm 2017 3
General Storm: W. 41st and Osceola Berkeley Storm 2017 1
Kennedy Ballpark Overflow Modifications Kennedy Storm 2017 4
Hampden Heights Pond Hampden South Water Quality 2017 4
2015 Annual Sanitary Improvements - Lining 37 Neighborhoods Sanitary 2016 1,2,3,4,6,7,9,10
First Creek Restoration Green Valley Ranch Storm 2016 11
33rd Street Outfall: Mtn Cement to Arkins Curtis Park, River North Storm 2016 9
Kennedy Ballpark Detention Pond Kennedy Storm 2016 4
General Storm: 141 E Vassar
Photos - Before & After (PDF)
Rosedale Storm 2016 6
General Storm:  33rd & Olive NE Park Hill Storm 2016 8
General Storm:  Dayton & Mississippi Windson Storm 2016 5
General Storm:  Asbury Ave. & Pearl Street Platte Park Storm 2015 7
General Storm: 29th & Vrain St. W. Highland / Sloan Lake Storm 2015 1

Completed Studies

Study Neighborhoods Type Completed Council District
UDFCD  Dry Gulch Outfall Systems Plan West Colfax, Villa Park Storm 2017 1, 3
High Line Canal Stormwater and Operations Master Plan Hampden, Goldsmith Storm 2018 4
Harvard Gulch Major Drainageway Plan Overland, Platt Park, Rosedale, University, University Park, Wellshire Storm 2018 6, 7
Upper Montclair Resiliency, Education & Outreach Congress Park, Hale, Montclair, South Park Hill, Hilltop, Windsor, Virginia Village, Lowry Field Storm 2018 10, 5, 8
Sanitary Metrics Citywide Sanitary 2018 Citywide
Storm Metrics Citywide Storm 2017 Citywide
UDFCD Weir Gulch Major Drainageway Plan Sun Valley, Barnum, Barnum West, Westwood Storm 2017 3
Sloan's Lake Major Drainageway Plan Sloan's, West Colfax Storm 2018 1, 3
US Army Corp of Engineer's Study: CAP River South Athmar Park, Baker, College View, Overland, Ruby Hill Storm 2018 7

Completed projects shown in brown