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Wastewater Capital Projects

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Current Construction

Project Council Districts Neighborhoods Work Type
27th Street Storm Drain Project 9 Curtis Park, Five Points Storm
Water Quality 21st & Broadway 9 Five Points Water Quality
38th & Holly Pond Retrofit 8 NE Park Hill Water Quality
Park Hill Storm Phase V - Dahlia from 48th to Smith Rd. 8 East Colfax, Montclair, North Park Hill, NE Park Hill, South Park Hill Storm
General Storm
"Mt. Blanca"
Acoma Alley at Asbury Ave 7 Overland Storm
8202 E Lehigh 4 Southmoor Park Storm
East Ellsworth Avenue 5 Hilltop Storm
Hampden Heights Laterals:
S Geneva Street and Emporia Court
4 Hampden Heights West Storm
East Yale Avenue Storm 4 Hampden Heights East, Hampden Heights West, Holly Hills, University Hills Storm
Sanderson Gulch Reach 1 7 Ruby Hill Storm
Sanitary Lining Globeville 9 Globeville Sanitary
Cherry Creek East 10 Cherry Creek Sanitary

Design & Planning

Project Council District Neighborhoods Work Type Current Phase
General Sanitary - 13th and Delaware 10 Civic Center Sanitary Design
33rd Street Outfall Curtis to Lafayette 9 Five Points, Whittier Storm Design
E. 16th Avenue System 9 South Park Hill Storm Design
Marion Street System 9 Cole, Whittier Storm Design
Oneida & Tennessee to Cherry Creek 6 Virginia Vale Storm Design
Jackson St. System 10 Congress Park, Hale Storm Design
General Storm Platte Farm Open Space Detention 9 Globeville Storm Design
General Storm
"La Plata"
Exposition and Fillmore 6, 10 Belcaro Storm Design
43rd and Sherman 9 Globeville Storm Design
General Storm
Valverde Ditch 
(English / español)
7 Athmar Park Storm Design
W Byers Pl 3 Barnum Storm Design
Water Quality University Hills Library Parking Lot 4 University Hills Water Quality Design
High Line Canal 4 University Hills Water Quality Design
Asbury & Tejon Park 7 College View/South Platte Water Quality Design
Lowell & Evans Harvey Park Water Quality Design
Federal Blvd - between Alameda and Mississippi 3, 7 Westwood, Athmar Park Water Quality Design
UDFCD CIP Cherry Creek Stabilization 6 Indian Creek, Virginia Vale, Washington Storm Design 
Bowles Ditch Separation 2 Marston Storm  Design
Marston Lake N Drainage Way MDP (Reaches 7, 8, 9) 2 Marston Storm Design
Storm Drainage Master Plan Update Citywide Citywide Storm Planning
Sanitary Metrics Citywide Citywide Sanitary Planning
General Storm S. Carlan St. Outfall 7 Ruby Hill Storm Planning
Eastman and Flamingo 4 University Hills Storm Planning
Platte River Drive 7 College View Storm Planning
Cornell and Pierce Bear Valley Storm Planning
N Stuart Street 1 West Colfax Storm Planning
13th and Shoshone 3 Lincoln Park Storm Planning
Skeel Dam Outlet 4 Wellshire Storm Planning
Cherry Creek East (Manor Homes) 10 Cherry Creek Storm Planning
Exposition and Gaylord 6 Washington Park Storm Planning
Upper Montclair Resiliency, Education & Outreach 10, 5, 8 Congress Park, Hale, Montclair, South Park Hill, Hilltop, Windsor, Virginia Village, Lowry Field
Storm Planning
Globeville Stormwater Systems Study
9 Globeville Storm Planning
Globeville Sanitary Improvements
9 Globeville Sanitary Planning
UDFCD CIP Weir Gulch Property Acquisition 3 Sun Valley Storm  Planning
Lakewood Gulch 1, 3 Villa Park, West Colfax Storm  Planning
UDFCD Studies Sand Creek MDP & FHAD 8 Stapleton, Northeast Park Hill Storm  Planning
Dry Gulch Outfall Systems Plan 1,3 West Colfax, Villa Park Storm Planning
Weir Gulch Flood Hazard Area Delineation  3 Sun Valley, Barnum, Barnum West, Westwood Storm Planning
Lower Montclair Outfall Systems Plan 5,8,9,10 Elyria Swansea, Cole, Clayton, Whittier, Skyland, City Park West, City Park, NE Park Hill, North Park Hill Storm Planning
Upper Montclair Outfall Systems Plan 5,8,9,10 City Park, South Park Hill, Congress Park, Hale, Montclair, Hilltop Storm / Water Quality Planning
Harvard Gulch Flood Hazard Area Delineation 6,7 Overland, Platt Park, Rosedale, University, University Park, Wellshire Storm Planning
Goldsmith Gulch Major Drainageway Plan (MDP) and Flood Hazard Delineation (FHAD) Update
4 Hampden, Hampden South Storm Planning
Irondale Gulch Outfall System Plan (OSP)
11 Green Valley Ranch Storm Planning
US Army Corp of Engineers Denver Feasibility Study 1,3,6,7,9 Auraria, Ball Park, Barnum, Commons, Globeville, Jefferson Park, Lincoln Park, Overland, River North, Rosedale, Sun Valley, Swansea, University, University Park, Villa Park, Westwood Storm Planning
US Army Corp of Engineer's Study: CAP River South 7 Athmar Park, Baker, College View, Overland, Ruby Hill Storm Planning
Water Quality 52nd and Emerson 9 Globeville Water Quality Planning

About General Storm projects: These annual projects are grouped into several packages for funding and management. Projects in the same package will typically begin work at the same time, even if they are not geographically connected. Read more about the General Storm Drainage Capital Improvement Program »

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