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27th Street Storm System

The 27th Street Storm Drain is one of several large diameter storm drain projects that the City and County of Denver has identified to improve public safety by relieving drainage and flooding issues in the Curtis Park and Five Points neighborhoods. The 27th Street Storm Drain project includes approximately 5,900 linear feet of large storm pipe ranging in size from 78 inches to 96 inches in diameter.

Stormwater runoff in this rapidly developing area currently drains to the South Platte River at the over-utilized 36th Street Outfall, which can lead to flooding during storms. The new storm drain will be located in 27th Street between Blake Street and Welton Street, and in Washington Street between 27th Street and 20th Avenue. 

In addition to providing flood relief in the immediate area, the new, enlarged 27th Street stormwater system will work in concert with stormwater systems along 33rd and 36th Streets to provide greater flood protection to the larger area.

When complete, the new storm drain system will connect to an existing 108-inch storm drain at the Coors Field Parking Garage at Blake Street, part of the 29th Street Outfall, balancing water flow between multiple systems and resulting in less flooding and ponded water along the 27th Street and Washington Street corridors. 


  • An upsized, underground drainage system to convey stormwater from Five Points to the South Platte River
  • New and upgraded storm inlets to allow larger volumes of stormwater to enter the storm drainage system faster and more efficiently
  • Reconstruction, repaving and new ADA-compliant curb ramps along streets impacted by construction 
Project Status: Construction

Construction on Phase 1 began in October 2018 and is expected to be complete in June 2019.

Phase 2 construction is expected to begin August/September 2019.

Council District: 9

Neighborhoods: Curtis Park, Five Points
RiNO Business Improvement District


Construction Update: 4/17/19

Status: Pipe has been installed through the Larimer and 27th Street intersection! Crews are working on backfilling now. Ramp and manhole work is also underway. We expect to pave through the intersection this Friday, and Larimer will open early next week—ahead of schedule.

Impacts: There may still be some intermittent daytime, single-lane closures at Walnut and 27th this week to manage construction vehicles moving in and out of the area. 27th Street is open from Walnut to just past the alley before Larimer. The access to the alley is open, as is some parking on the south side of that short section. However, there continues to be no parking on the north side of this section as it is needed for construction vehicles.

The complete closure of the Larimer intersection at 27th is still in effect and will last for a few more days. Pedestrian access is being maintained in the area, but please be mindful of your surroundings as you travel through the construction zone.  

Colorado Rockies Parking Garage: On non-game days only, the parking garage is still $5 for all-day parking. Check the Rockies’ schedule so you can plan your garage-parking days!

Construction Coffee: Questions? Concerns? Come see us at our next construction coffee: Tuesday, April 23rd at The Denver Central Market (2669 Larimer) from 10:30 - 11:30. We are usually inside the front door to the left. 


traffic impact map 

Keep updated on construction activities and available travel routes in north Denver!

Traveling through north Denver? Plan your trip with, a new mapping tool by the City and County of Denver. The NAVIGATE map displays current construction activities, road closures, and available routes for commercial and personal vehicles to and through Globeville, Elyria, Swansea, Five Points, and Cole. Check it out and avoid traffic congestion!


Construction is expected to begin at Arapahoe Street and end at the west side of Welton Street. The project is set to begin in fall 2019 and be completed in the late spring/early summer, 2020.

Phase 2 Map

map of Phase 2 construction work on 27th Street between Arapahoe and Welton Streets

Traffic and other impacts of Phase 2 construction: It is anticipated that 27th will be closed to traffic, one block and one intersection at a time, between Arapahoe and Welton Streets. Traffic will be detoured onto adjacent streets as needed, but residential and business access will be maintained via secondary access points or through the construction zone.


  • 2005: Identified in Storm Drainage Master Plan
  • 2015: Preliminary Design
  • 2017–18: Final Design
  • 2018–19: Construction, Phase 1
  • 2019–20: Construction, Phase 2

27th Street will be closed to through traffic in sections, with no more than one block and one intersection closed at one time. Local access will be maintained. Businesses and residences may have temporary water and sewer disruptions for 6 to 8 hours. Advance notice will be provided to the impacted business owners and residents.

This will be an active construction site with open excavations and equipment in the neighborhood. Caution should be exercised near all construction operations.

Meeting Materials

July 2018: Presentation (PDF)

May 2018: Presentation (PDF)

Tunneling Locations

tunneling locations on 27th Street at Blake Street

The 27th Street Storm Drain project was first identified in the 2005 Stormwater Master Plan. This project is a high priority focus stormwater basin and was included in the 2016-2021 Six-Year Capital Improvement program. The project will be designed and built in stages based upon funding availability. 



Hotline: 303-834-3588

City and County of Denver

George Murphy, Project Manager
Denver Public Works
303-446-3619 |

Kelly Crum, Senior Engineer
Denver Public Works
303 446 3668 |



Shane Jones, Project Superintendent
Iron Woman Construction
303-304-7424 |

Design Engineer

Merrick and Company
Brian Poling
720-363-5462 |