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DOTI Infrastructure Build – Standard Construction Specifications

The DOTI Infrastructure Build – Wastewater (DOTI – WW) Standard Construction Specifications are revised periodically and are intended for reference only.

All bidders on Wastewater Capital Projects are bound to the DOTI – WW Standard Construction Specifications, as well as Measurement and Payment descriptions included within the specific set of bid documents they are responding to. 


Construction Specifications - March 2016

Full PDF Portfolio

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Summary of revisions (PDF - March 2016)

Waste Hauler License Requirement

All solid waste haulers who collect and haul waste, recyclables, organics, junk, construction/ demolition/ deconstruction debris, and bulky materials within the City and County of Denver must obtain a waste hauler license, per DRMC Section 48.

Notice of License Requirement (PDF)


April 10, 2018 — Modification to Wastewater STD DTL S-501 .1 & S-701 : Riser Height Wastewater Manholes

Denver's Department of Transportation & Infrastructure Wastewater Management crews have been supporting Street Maintenance by raising and lowering manholes for their paving operations program. We are requesting that all City and County of Denver Project Managers either in Design or during the submittal process modify the maximum riser height according to the redlined STD DTL S- 501.1 & S-701. This applies to areas that are within the City and County of Denver right-of- way.

STD DTL S-501.1 & S-701 (PDF)

The modification will minimize the need for the Wastewater Management crews to plasma cut the ring to lower the manhole and they will be able to simply remove the two risers to obtain the depth required for milling operations. This also eliminates the need to haul additional equipment and has a significant effect on reducing the time it takes to prepare the road for Street Maintenance paving operation.

Manager's Memo (city credentials required)
Contacts for DOTI Infrastructure Build – Wastewater

For questions regarding these DOTI – WW Management Standard Construction Specifications, please contact

Lisa Ferreira, Operations Coordinator