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Customer Service & Support

The Customer Service section of Wastewater Management is responsible for accurately billing the agency's 160,000 customers for monthly sanitary sewer and annual storm drainage charges.

Sanitary sewer charges are billed in combination with Denver Water. Water and sanitary sewer charges appear on a single monthly bill.

Storm drainage charges are billed separately, calculated annually and billed in semi-annual installments.

Our goal is to respond to customer inquiries in a prompt, accurate, and professional manner at all times.

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    Wastewater Management Division
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    Wastewater Management Division

BILLING — sanitary sewer or storm drainage
Customer Service
Phone Representatives
Fax: 303-446-3506

Request a review of your account

Mail:  Wastewater Management Division
Attn: Customer Service
2000 W. 3rd Avenue
Denver, CO 80209

Fax: 303-446-3506


Customer Service

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Pay Your Bill Online

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You can now pay your semi-annual storm drainage bill online using StormPay with no additional fees.

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Main Office

Wastewater Management Division
2000 West 3rd Avenue
Denver, CO 80223

Business Hours: 7:30 am - 4:00 pm
Main Office: 303-446-3400
Billing Inquiries: 303-446-3500

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