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LA LOMITA PARK (Asbury & Tejon)

Denver's Department of Transportation and Infrastructure (DOTI) and Denver Parks & Recreation are improving water quality and constructing a new playground at La Lomita Park, formerly known as Asbury and Tejon Park.


Asbury & Tejon Park was converted from a drainage way into a neighborhood park in early 1970s. The park continues to act as a critical stormwater detention facility for nearly 280 acres of the community surrounding the park, but provides very little water quality benefit due to the engineered concrete channel in the center of the park.

This project will remove that concrete channel and rebuild the park with a naturalized, vegetated water quality channel that will include play features and educational components for nearby schools. In addition, the recreation lawn and playground is being rebuilt to be more functional for residents and community members.

Status: Construction

Construction began in July 2019 and will conclude in Summer 2020. The park will be closed to visitors during construction to ensure safety for all.

Council District: 7

Neighborhoods: Ruby Hill, College View - South Platte


Contractor: Iron Woman Construction

Construction and access questions

City & County of Denver