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If you have a question about Workday and do not see an answer listed here, please email us at

Check out our New Employee FAQ for basic information about Workday! In this printable PDF, you'll find information about accessing Workday, Workday's data security, and how to update your personal information in the application.

Download a printable version of the full PDF of all frequently asked questions.


Workday Expenses will be used to manage all types of employee reimbursements such as:

  • office supplies
  • professional license fees
  • training materials
  • travel not associated with a travel card.

Employees will continue to submit the Bi-Weekly Mileage Summary for Personal Vehicle Usage form to their supervisor, for entry into Kronos, to be reimbursed for mileage and parking not associated with travel.

Employees who utilize the Travel Card (TCard) will continue to request, process, and submit travel reconciliations using the Travel Authorization and Expense Form.

Functionality to incorporate TCard expenses and mileage and parking not associated with travel is in development and will be implemented later in 2018.


No. You will continue to use Kronos – the city’s timekeeping system – to request reimbursement for mileage and parking not associated with travel. Visit the Mileage and Parking Reimbursement web page on the Controller’s Office, Payroll Division website for information. Continue to submit the Bi-Weekly Mileage Summary for Personal Vehicle Usage form to your supervisor.

Functionality to incorporate mileage and parking not associated with travel is in development and will be implemented later in 2018.

Spend authorizations provide employees pre-approval for anticipated purchase and travel expenses. It is an estimate of anticipated costs and is reviewed and approved by the supervisor and cost center approver.

Yes. Approval is required prior to traveling for city business. The employee must submit a spend authorization and receive approval from the supervisor and the cost center approver.

An expense report itemizes the expenditures for which an employee is requesting reimbursement. The employee will be reimbursed based on actual out-of-pocket expenses, and not the estimates provided in the spend authorization. 

No. You cannot be reimbursed for future expenses.

For travel, the expense report is due within 30 calendar days of completion of the trip. Refer to Fiscal Accountability Rule 10.8 – Travel and the associated procedure. 

Yes. Receipts must be attached for each expense report line item, except for per diem.

Receipts can be attached two ways:

  • Use the Workday mobile application to capture and submit receipts
  • Scan receipts to your desktop and attach the scanned receipt to your report.


You must request a duplicate receipt from the supplier or complete and submit the Substitute Receipt form. Navigate to the Financial Network on the city’s employee intranet to obtain the form.

The expense report can be submitted by the employee or by an authorized user on the employee’s behalf.

Yes, you can edit up until the final approval. 

General Service Administration (GSA) per diem rates for meals and incidental expenses, for destinations within the 48 continental United States (CONUS), will be loaded in Workday.

Per diem rates for travel outside of the continental United States (OCONUS), which includes Alaska, Hawaii, U.S. territories and possessions, and foreign countries will not be loaded. 

Reimbursement will occur once the expense report is submitted and has been reviewed and approved.

The Workday Expenses process replaces the former ad hoc payment request process for all employee reimbursements, including travel.

Yes. Workday Expenses only applies to reimbursing employees for expenses out-of-pocket.

Yes. All travel expenses, except those handled using a TCard, are now processed through Workday Expenses.

No. Workday Expenses is used for any expense in which an employee pays for work-related expenses out-of-pocket, and requires reimbursement for those expenses. It does not impact expenses handled by a city credit card or paid with city funds through a purchase order.

If an employee is able to see the task of “Create Expense Report for Worker" in Workday, then they have the Expense Data Entry Specialist role. To request that this role be assigned to someone on your team, submit a SupportNow ticket.

Yes. Submit separate documentation for each trip in order to be reimbursed for expenses.

HR and Payroll

Yes, the PeopleSoft system will be available in a read-only mode after we transition to Workday and you will be able to access your old pay stubs. Your pre-Workday pay stubs will not be accessible in Workday, but the PeopleSoft system will store them if you need historical pay information.

Since everyone can securely access, view and manage their personal information (which includes payslips) anytime, from anywhere, and on any device, the city will no longer need to mail payslips to employees! With Workday, all that personal information will be kept out of the mail every two weeks!

It’s important for employees to review their payslips each pay period, especially if they have made a change to their benefit deductions, direct deposit information, or something else that affects their paycheck. Currently, the city mails payslips to the employee’s current mailing address who do not have access to the city network to ensure they have the chance to review. A payslip is not a pay check. An employee’s net pay is deposited into his/her account(s), and the payslip is the receipt.

The application process for Family Medical Leave is not impacted by Workday.

To opt  in or out of a paper W-2 for your 2017 and subsequent pay years, you will need to click the Pay worklet in Workday and navigate to My Tax Documents to change your W-2 delivery method.

Yes! Every employee uses Workday to manage their pay‐related information, and personal information including home addresses, mobile phone numbers, emergency contacts and more.

The manager who is transferring the employee out will initiate a transfer by using the My Team Worklet in Workday. An HR analyst will then process changes associated with the cost center and fund/org information as needed. Finally, the Budget Management Office will assign a pay group to the transferred employee as appropriate.

The online payslips in Workday feature an abundance of information, including breakdowns for deductions, overtime, and other hourly codes. For a handy 'tour' of your Workday payslip, visit the Payroll Division's 'Your Paycheck' site. 

It is also important to note that you will see a difference between the payslip you see online, the payslip you see on your mobile device and the payslip you print out. Your online payslip includes a full detail of all your deductions, your city benefits, and your withholding status. Your mobile payslip and your printed payslip may only feature a summary of your deductions. But not to worry! You can always view a full list of deductions by logging into Workday and viewing your payslip online.

All inquiries of a technical nature should be submitted as a ticket on SupportNow. Neither Payroll nor the Office of Human Resources can assist with technical difficulties in Workday.

All reporting updates need to be completed in Workday before Kronos will update. Supervisors can contact their Office of Human Resources representative if they need further assistance with these updates.

Employees must provide documentation (receipts, confirmations, etc) to their supervisor. For nontaxable reimbursements, the supervisor or Office of Human Resources representative should initiate the payment through the business process in Workday. Taxable reimbursements are handled through Accounts Payable.

The mobile reimbursement process is initated in Workday. The phone stipend is paid out on the first paycheck of every month, for that month. Be sure to indicate the effective month in Workday.

To stop a mobile stipend, use Workday and be sure to double-check the effective dates. Comments may be added throughout the process to clarify any dates.

Integration, Usability and Compatibility

This table explains Workday’s impact on the city systems already in place:

Current System Description Replace or Interface
PeopleSoft PeopleSoft is the human resources, payroll, and accounting system used to record and maintain employee and financial information. Replace
Kronos Kronos is the city’s official timekeeping system.  Employees use Kronos to record hours worked, track exception hours, request time off, and view balances and accruals. Interface
Questica Questica is the city's budgeting software. Interface
Maximo Maximo is the Denver airport's (DEN) asset management system. DEN will continue to use Maximo to monitor inventory. Interface
Alfresco Alfresco is the city’s document management system for financial document and content applications.  This system stores invoices, journals, and other supporting documentation of financial transactions.

Alfresco will remain the system of record for managing contract workflows as it currently does.

However Workday has replaced Alfresco for retention of financial documents.

NeoGov NeoGov is the city’s human resource software which automates the hiring, onboarding, and performance evaluation process. Interface

Workday allows you to search the system in a way similar to how you would use Google or Yahoo. You’ll have to watch your spelling, though, as there's no auto-correct in Workday.

In your role within Workday, you have access to all the reports specific and necessary to your job requirements. As you set up your Favorites worklet, you’ll be able to customize it to attach all the reports you need, whether they are from Workday’s HR functionalities, or, when implemented, Workday for financial processes as well.

The Workday inbox is where you will find items that require your attention and action, like an approval. Notifications inform you of something that occurred in a process of which you are a part, and are sent for your information only.

Security role requests must be sent through

To request a security role for human resources or payroll processes, navigate to the Human Resources service catalog and select Workday.

The ticketing system does not yet have a specific service item set up for financial security role requests, so users are asked to submit a generic request through Support Now and assign it to FIN Workday Admin when prompted for an assignment group.

Yes, there is a Workday app for both Android and iOS!  With the Workday app you will be able to view your information, such as your pay slip, and make changes to your information at any place, at any time. 

Reports in Workday are available up-front without digging into tables of query data. Workday features extensive search functionalities, which allow users to perform searches and create reports from search criteria.

In addition to searchable data, there are more than 50 pre-built reports in Workday that deliver financial data. For a list of the financial reports available in Workday, click here

You can save search criteria for commonly-needed report information as favorites for easy access later. As an added bonus, clicking the Excel icon on the upper right-hand corner of every Workday report will download the report to an easy-to-analyze Excel spreadsheet.

Yes, Workday is set up to talk to the Alfresco system. Req enterers create a requisition with a req type of CON and once approved, it will kick off the integration to Alfresco. 

Alfresco is the enterprise content management (ECM) system the city uses to organize and store our financial and contractual documents. For pre-encumbrances, Alfresco automates the contract process from requesting, drafting, reviewing and approving city contracts.

Once a pre-encumbrance is approved in the financial system, the financial system talks to Alfresco and initiates an expenditure standard workflow. Once the expenditure standard is fully executed (signed by the Mayor and Auditor), Alfresco talks to the financial system to update the pre-encumbrance. General Services, Purchasing establishes the contract encumbrance in the financial system at that point.

Workday provides many ways to access the workflow and supporting documents for individual transactions. The reports function allows you to drill into an amount by allowing you to view all transactions that make up the amount. Additionally, the other screens within Workday provide many links that will take you directly to objects related to that transaction.

Although PeopleSoft is no longer in use for payroll, human resources, or finance, it houses many years’ worth of historical data. This data is accessible in a read-only format to current city employees, based on their role. 

​With the retirement of DOT, the process to log in to PeopleSoft has changed, and operates slightly differently than it did when accessed through the DOT portal. To log in to PeopleSoft, click the “PeopleSoft” link in the “Workday” section of the new Denver Employee Intranet. The page includes links to log in to PeopleSoft for Human Resources and PeopleSoft Financials, as well as detailed instructions for logging in to both environments.

If you have any problems logging in to Peoplesoft, submit a ticket to SupportNow.

2017 summary data has been converted from PeopleSoft to Workday for reference purposes.

The switch from PeopleSoft to Workday does not change the city’s requirement to keep financial records for seven years.


Worktags are Workday's way of tracking the data that PeopleSoft tracked with chartfields. Worktags stay with the transaction throughout the process; from requisition through invoicing.

To check the status of your requisitions, simply type find requisitions into the search box.
If you click into a completed requisition, you can also find the purchase order number (and a link to the purchase order) by scrolling all the way to the right.

Punchout procurement is available for Dell, Grainger and Graybar. Staples and Faison are pending. Purchases from these vendors should be made using PCards until it is announced that punchout is operational for them as well.

Change orders are processed using this form (PDF download), which can also be found on the Training and Job Aids webpage in the procurement section. Send your completed change order forms to

Requisition eLearning modules are available on CityU, and purchasing job aids are online and will be added/updated as needed.

Procurement overview and labs will take place the week after go-live. For dates and times, check the training calendar.

You should always use CCD for the company field.

Since every city employee has the Workday security role of a requisition enterer (except for uniformed personnel), just use the name of whoever initiated the requisition. Use your own name if you are the person initiating the request. If you are entering a requisition on behalf of someone else, enter their name. 

From your purchase order screen, click on the printing runs tab. A printer-ready PDF copy of the purchase order will be there.

No. If you have shipping or freight charges, include the cost information in the memo field. On the Workday purchase order, the freight charges appear in the header of the purchase order and the buyer will enter them.

The purchase order terms and conditions can be downloaded here (PDF download) or on the purchasing website under the “PO Terms and Conditions” tab. 

No. Suppliers accept the city’s terms and conditions when they accept the purchase order. There is also a link to the terms and conditions on every city purchase order, so suppliers to easily access and review them.

Yes. Simply type find purchase orders in the search box for a full list of your purchase orders.

Use the CCD Find Supplier Contract report to find this information.


Training for Workday Financials is available through job aids and eLearning modules (CityU). Visit the Training and Job Aids webpage to learn more and see the most current training information.

The ability to create reports in Workday is centrally managed. All departments/agencies will be able to run reports. The Workday reporting structure includes core set of reports that will work for all departments/agencies, and departments/agencies can use the filters and drilldown functions to get additional data that may be needed.

The list of available reports in Workday can be downloaded here. The list also appears under “Workday Financial Reports” on the Training and Job Aids webpage

Yes, just like in PeopleSoft. However, a person cannot have two roles that would create a segregation of duties concern. Requests for security will be reviewed and approved to ensure this doesn’t happen.

To request a security role, submit a ticket through Support Now.

The Additional Worktags field includes all worktags that exist in Workday (with the exception of those that are in their own column, like cost center, fund, project, and grant). In Workday, the program/class codes are a different worktag, depending on its usage: program, external program, event, location, region, or project.

Requests for new worktags go through The Controller's Office. 


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