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Workday is live!

Workday for financial processes went live August 28, 2017. What does this mean for you, for your day-to-day processes, for your employees? The Workday Implementation Team has put together this set of resources to help you with the changes and new functionality available in Workday. 


What is different now?

Starting on August 28, 2017, your Workday landing page will look different. Some worklets have been removed (Directory, Dashboards and Inbox) and others have been rearranged. If you have a financial role, your Workday landing page will also include those you need to do your job.

You may also create customized worklets or favorites based on your most frequently-used work processes. For a job aid on configuring and creating new worklets, click here.

Starting with go-live on August 28, 2017, PeopleSoft will be read-only for human resources, payroll, and financial data. PeopleSoft's production environment will not be accessible after Workday Financials goes live.

You may still access the PeopleSoft reporting environment after go-live, for archival data prior to the cutover date.

In Workday, anyone with the a financial role may view the city's pre-loaded custom reports. For a full list of reports available in Workday, click here.

If you can’t find what you need in the pre-loaded reports, try running a search and exporting the results for a customized report of your own. For an example of using the search function as a reporting tool, check out this job aid on finding journals using search criteria and filters.

Workday processes approvals and transactions in real-time. This means that the city's financial processes are no longer subject to overnight or over-the-weekend batching. 

You may view processes you are involved in, at any stage of approval and completion, in Workday. To learn how, check out the How Do I job aid here.

What will stay the same?

Alfresco and Workday will continue to "talk" to one another, similar to how PeopleSoft interfaced with Alfresco. 

You will be able to continue to run queries in the both PeopleSoft report and production environments, and transactional data will continue to be updated in the production environment through the overnight processes. The PeopleSoft report environment will continue to be available for some time after go-live.

The transition from PeopleSoft to Workday will not impact the enforcement of the Prompt Pay Ordinance.

Your security role will not change with the implementation of Workday. You may still have more than one security role in Workday, as you did in Peoplesoft (for example, requisition entry and receipt entry).

How Do I?

For a step-by-step guide on adding, navigating and configuring your landing page in Workday, click here.

  1. From the inbox click on the Archive tab 
  2. Select the appropriate task 
  3. In the right pane click on the Process tab

  1. From the Home page click on the Inbox worklet
  2. Click on the Actions tab to see tasks requiring an action 
  3. Click on the task – the information is displayed in the right pane
  4. Review the information and scroll down to click Approve when ready

  1. From the Home page type the name of the report in the Search Box 
  2. Type all or part of the name of the report 
  3. A list of objects will be returned- choose the correct report 
  4. Airport specific reports will start with DEN, City and County reports will start with CCD

  1. If you fail to complete required information, you will receive an Error notification at top right of your screen when you hit submit. 
  2. Click on the Errors field to receive detailed instructions from regarding the specific error. 
  3. Workday will highlight the field where the error has occurred. 


  1. From the Home page click on your profile picture and go to My Account
  2. Click Change Preferences 
  3. Scroll down to the section titled Parent Notification Type and click on Business Processes 
  4. For each Notification Type click the drop down under Send Notification Via Channels 
  5. Daily Digest is one email to your Outlook with all Workday notifications from the day 
  6. The email to your Outlook will contain a link to Workday so you can log in and access your inbox to complete your tasks

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