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Training and Job Aids

See below for resources to help you understand how to navigate Workday for your own day-to-day processes.

Note: Workday job aids are for use by City and County of Denver employees only.

Employees may need to enter login credentials to access job aids.

Log in to Workday and access Workday Learning to find training for Workday Financials, Human Resources, and Payroll

Job Aids

Job aids are step-by-step guides to many common Workday processes and capabilities. 

Job Aids for Financial Processes

Create Expense Report

Create Expense Report for Travel

Create Spend Authorization for Travel

Enter Mobile Expense and Create Mobile Expense Report

Find Spend Authorization or Expense Report (Coming Soon)

Review Expenses (Coming Soon)

Review Spend Authorization or Expense Report (Coming Soon)

Grant job aids are currently in process and will be added as they are completed.

Award and Grant Setup

Setting Up an Award and Creating a Grant - job aid includes:

  • Create Award
  • Create Grant
  • Create BIlling Schedule
  • Create Award Budget

View Award

Award and Amendments

Amend Award Budget

Billing a Sponsor

Create Invoice for Cost Reimbursable Award

Create Receipt

Maintain Sponsor Billing Status


Follow/Execute Closeout Process

Receiving a Grant Payment

Record Customer Payment and Create Customer Deposit

Sub-Award Setup

Amend an Award to Add a Sub-Recipient

Find Suppliers and Create Supplier Request

Create as a Sub-Recipient


Access and Review Process History

Review Award


Job Aids for Human Resources and Payroll

Workday Employee and Manager User Guide

This user guide will teach you how to navigate Workday and complete tasks within it. Most tasks you can do on your own so you can save time and avoid submitting SupportNow tickets. Keep in mind that processes are subject to change, so it is recommended to use the online version instead of printing. Save a bookmark to this webpage for quick reference. 



HR Community

The job aids for the HR Community have been moved. Click on the Resources tab at the top of the page, to find the HR Community Resource Center icon. There, you will find job aids and much more to help you navigate Workday.

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