Contractor Licenses

Our office issues licenses and certificates, to both individuals and companies who perform work within Denver that requires a building permit or right-of-way permit. Before applying for a contractor license, an applicant must hold a trade-specific supervisor certificate or employ a supervisor certificate holder. License applications will not be accepted until supervisor certificates have been approved. Denver does not accept or reciprocate contractor licenses and/or certificates from other counties or states.

ATTENTION CONTRACTORS: 2015 I-Code Adoption in Progress
Denver is in the process of preparing local amendments to the 2015 set of International Codes. Adoption of the 2015 I-Codes is expected to happen in summer 2015; check back for the exact adoption date. Please keep this adoption in mind as you prepare to take any examination for a contractor license. Following their adoption, all testing must be done under the 2015 set of I-codes. Learn more about the code update >>



Colorado Secretary of State
For corporate reports, certificate in good standing, articles of incorporation, application for certificate of authority, articles of organization, trade name filings or partnership agreements, please contact the Colorado Secretary of State at or call 303-894-2200.

Division of Registrations Colorado State Electrical & Plumbing Board
State electrical and plumbing contractors must be licensed by the State of Colorado prior to applying for a City and County of Denver license. Contact the State Board of Registrations at or call 303-894-7800.

Renewals and Reinstatements

NOTICE:  Renewal notices are no longer mailed (effective December 31, 2009). 

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