About DAS

Denver Animal Protection (DAP) provides animal care and protection services for all of Denver County. DAP operates Denver Animal Shelter (DAS), an open-admissions shelter that is home to more than 7,500 lost and abandoned pets each year. 

MISSION STATEMENT: Fostering the human-animal bond by protecting the safety and welfare of Denver’s animals and citizens.


To aid in succeeding in our mission, we:

  • Provide humane care to companion animals
  • Reunite lost pets with their owners
  • Adopt pets to loving homes
  • Enforce Denver County animal ordinances
  • Proactively educate the public about animals, their needs, and DAP’s critical role as a community resource

VISION STATEMENT: Leading a city in which people and companion animals are safe and have the resources necessary to live in healthy, humane Denver neighborhoods.


We believe strongly in not euthanizing animals for time and space, and only make such determinations based on severe medical or behavior for safety concerns (bite history, aggression, etc.). As such, DAP’s live release rate has risen from 67% in 2008 to an average 90% live release rate for 2013. Each year, DAP adopts out more than 2,200 animals; transfers more than 2,300 pets to other rescue partners; and returns more than 2,000 pets to their owners.

View our adoption rates and statistics or our frequently asked questions to learn more.

Shelter Highlights

 Denver Animal Shelter: Only LEED Platinum Certified Animal Shelter in the U.S. 
 Denver Animal Shelter entrance
Thanks to the citizens of Denver through the Better Denver Bond Program, the new Denver Animal Shelter, located at 1241 W. Bayaud Ave. is more than twice the size of the old one. It includes a community room, surgical suite, a barn to house urban wildlife, TONS of natural light, radiant floor heating, and other sustainable features that make it a healthier place for pets, people—and the planet!
  Sun Spot, the Shelter Dog
 Sun Spot, shelter art piece  
Sun Spot is a public art sculpture installed at Denver Animal Shelter. Laura Haddad and Tom Drugan, environmental artists based out of Seattle, WA, designed this 25’-tall iconic dog sculpture made from over 90,000 individual stainless steel pet tags.
Sun Spots Collar 
 Sun Spot Collar, shelter art piece
The second piece of Sun Spot is a suspended sculpture located in the shelter adoption lobby. This 6’-diameter collar, sized to fit the exterior Sun Spot sculpture, has an oversized pet tag etched with the name “Sun Spot.” Every time a pet is adopted from the shelter, the new owner will be given an opportunity to have a pet tag engraved with the name of the pet and date of the adoption. Individuals can also purchase commemorative tags to place on Sun Spot’s collar (located in the shelter’s lobby) for just $15.
Cat Condos 
Shelter cat condos

The cat condos in the new shelter are the latest in cat housing. Each condo includes four separate living areas, separate ventilation, and affords the cat maximum space to meet modern standards in feline welfare.

 Cat Colony Rooms 
 Cat colony room

The shelter features 2 colony rooms for cats. These rooms will allow shelter visitors and potential adopters to watch the animals interact with each other in a more natural environment.

 Dog Kennels
Adoption dog kennels

Kennels have energy efficient heated flooring that will keep paws warm and natural daylight throughout the building will keep the space bright and airy and minimize energy use. 

Outdoor Dog Exercise Areas 

DAS has 8 large outdoor dog exercise areas for dogs to socialize with both people and other animals. These areas are essential for letting the shelter pups stretch their legs and get some energy out.

 Denver Animal Shelter barn

The new facility has a barn to house livestock such as horses, goats, and chickens. Additionally, the new facility has space for urban wildlife such as squirrels and raccoons, aquarium tanks, and cages for reptiles.


Denver Animal Shelter is a member of the Metro Denver Shelter Alliance. The Metro Denver Shelter Alliance is a coalition of more than 20 public and private shelters, rescues, and other animal service providers committed to saving pets and fostering responsible pet ownership in our community.

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1241 W. Bayaud Ave.

Denver, CO  80223
3-1-1 or 720-913-1311

Mon – Fri | 10:30AM – 6:30PM
Sat & Sun | 9:00AM – 11:00AM
     Vaccination Clinics Only
Sat & Sun | 11:00AM – 5:00PM
     Full Services

Adoptions and redemptions end 30 minutes prior to closing. 

Meet and greets and visits with animals end 1 hour prior to closing. 

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