About Development Services

Development Services is the city’s one-stop shop for project services. Development Services staff helps to make the city’s vision a reality. Here staff enables homeowners, contractors and developers, by green-lighting projects and issuing the proper permits. Through our plan reviews, building inspections and neighborhood inspections, we ensure public safety and quality-of-life standards for Denver’s communities. Through each of these critical roles, Development Services helps to implement the city’s vision for an outstanding Denver. And now, through the DevelopDENVER strategic plan, Development Services staff is working to streamline city processes and eliminate red tape.


The DevelopDENVER plan, launched in 2012, is a multi-agency effort to streamline city processes for everyone. Whether you’re a resident working on a small home improvement project, or a real estate developer creating a new town center, DevelopDENVER will help to make the process better, faster and stronger.  

DS Strategic Plan

DevelopDENVER Blueprint

Development Services announces the release of its strategic plan for the years 2012 through 2015, DevelopDENVER

The plan outlines strategic goals for continued improvements of the plan review, permitting and inspection services of residential and commercial projects. 

DS Strategic Plan (PDF)
Executive Summary (PDF)