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The 5 By 5 Program, formerly known as The 5 By 5 Project, provides Denver Head Start and Early Head Start children and their families with year-round access and educational opportunities at 15 of Denver’s cultural venues at no cost.  The goals of The 5 By 5 Program are to strengthen families and support school readiness by providing Denver’s young children with at least 5 cultural experiences by the age of 5 to spark their imagination and learning.    Learn more . . .     

Cultural Partners

 Butterfly Pavilion












 History Colorado


*The Colorado Symphony Orchestra (CSO), the newest cultural partner, offers FREE admission to a Family Concert performance of the Colorado Symphony for up to 6 persons including Head Start children and their families.

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Additional Resources

Five By Five 2014-2015 School Readiness Guide - Unofficial copy of guide for how to use the Five By Five program.
Activity Guide (PDF) - Activities to be used in the home and classroom as curriculum to reinforce the experiences at cultural venues. 

5 By 5 Program Replication Manual (PDF) - Guide book on starting a 5 By 5 Program in your own community.
Briefs and Evaluations - Briefs and evaluations for The 5 By 5 Program.

Videos - Watch our videos to learn more about The 5 By 5 Program and how to enter the cultural venues. 


Get answers to frequently asked questions about The 5 By 5 Program.