Taxes & Revenue

The primary activities of the Treasury division include comprehensive and complete responsibility for all property and excise taxes, including billing, payment processing, reconciliation, tax compliance, tax collection, tax auditing and taxpayer education.


You can now pay your property taxes using an eCheck

Why mail your payments when you can pay your property taxes in minutes using an eCheck? The City and County of Denver now offers eCheck, in addition to credit cards, to pay property taxes online. Please click on the "Pay Property Tax" link below in the Payments & Due Dates section to use this faster and more secure method to make your payments now.


No More Credit Card Charges

You’re free to charge it. Starting this year, Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock is eliminating convenience fees for paying city taxes, fees, bills and fines with a credit or debit card. Paying online is faster, more convenient, saves postage and helps the environment through reduced paper and waste costs. And now it’s cheaper too.

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Tax Information
For Property, Sales, Use, Lodgers, Occupational Privelage, Facilities Development Admission, and Telecommunications Business Taxes

Taxpayer Service Unit
(720) 913-9300*
Fax: 720-913-9475
  • Please note: Calls may be routed to 311 Operators. 311 Operators have access to and can answer most general tax information questions.

Payment Mailing Address

  • Sales, Lodger's, Use, TBT, and FDA tax
P.O. Box 660860
Dallas, TX 75266-0860

  • Occupational Privelage and License Renewal

P.O. Box 660859
Dallas, TX 75266-0859

Denver 311 Help Center

Call 3-1-1
Outside Denver Call (720) 913-1311
Emergencies: 911
TTY Service: 720-913-8479