Supervisory Development Series

The OHR Supervisory Development Series offers a set of courses that thoroughly explore the issues of supervision and management and the skills required to be successful. The courses are designed to build on each other and on common themes utilizing effective management principles. We suggest that supervisors take the entire series to maximize professional growth and continue building life-long skills.

How to Assess Your Individual Training Needs

We recommend that you work with your own supervisor to develop a personalized training plan that considers the skills you already have, the skills you need to develop, and the needs of your work environment.

Below is a self-assessment tool that lists the proficiencies that are associated with effective management. It will help you to identify your strengths as well as areas in which you need further development. This tool will guide you in creating an individualized plan for your future professional growth and development.

Please contact Rob Moody if you have additional questions about this assessment tool or would like further assistance.

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Individual Needs Assessment Web version.pdf

Supervisory Development Series Class Descriptions

The Supervisory Series consists of eight classes that are important topics for successful supervisors. The courses can be taken in any order; however it is recommend that this  sequence is followed because it follows a progressive path to develop the skills you will need to manage yourself, manage the performance of others, and manage groups

SS1- Leadership and the Role of the Supervisor
Good managers must also be good leaders.  Since they are held accountable for the work of others, they need commitment and cooperation to be successful. This course will explore the basic principles behind what supervisors must do to encourage high quality, committed work from their direct reports.  It is intended to be taken as the first of the required probationary training courses, and is part of a comprehensive supervisory series which applies these principles to the City and County of Denver's collective practice of management.  
SS2- Understanding CSA Rules, Sexual Harassment and Employment Law
Every supervisor or manager needs to understand the fundamental mandates that guide the employer/employee relationship.  This workshop provides hands-on exercises to explore the OHR Rules, examine several critical rules in depth, and address key issues covered by federal law.  Participants will gain a deeper understanding of how such regulations relate to principles of effective management, and how their management practices impact the organization and its employees. 
Required of all new supervisors.
SS3- Selecting and Retaining the Right People

I interviewed them myself!  What happened!

Managers and supervisors involved in a selection process are making choices that can affect the workplace and all concerned for years to come.  Therefore it is imperative to know exactly what qualifications are needed for the job and how to find them in the interviewing process.  In this course, participants will learn about the OHR selection process, how to conduct focused, relevant interviews, and how to avoid inappropriate questions that can create legal trouble.  The goal is to make informed choices that promote a lasting, productive, and rewarding employment relationship.
SS4- Delegation, Documentation and Duty  
The practice of management is more effective when it follows a structured model that helps address problems as they occur, or avoid them altogether.  This course will explore each element of the management process along with the duties and opportunities that present themselves to create desirable outcomes.  Special emphasis will be placed on how to delegate effectively (in all directions) and how to capture meaningful information that feeds future decisions.  This course is an ideal sequel to the Leadership and the Role of the Supervisor. 
SS5- PEP Workshop
Any performance evaluation system is effective only to the extent that it is understood and used properly.  This practical workshop will teach participants how to create and use a Performance Evaluation Program (PEP) effectively using the new STARS format, applying it to an actual case that they bring to class. 
Required of all new supervisors.
SS6- Effective Counseling and Discipline
As a supervisor you know that there are effective and proactive approaches you can use to manage the performance of your staff.  Even in the midst of good performance management, however, there may be times when you need to understand and navigate the complex waters of the disciplinary process.  This course provides an overview of solid performance management principles, then explains the processes and procedures you must follow when using the formal disciplinary process
Required of all new supervisors.
SS7- Managing Diversity and Inclusion
The purpose of this workshop is to provide managers and supervisors with the tools, knowledge, and skills necessary to successfully manage today’s diverse workplace.  Gaining this information will assist you in helping your employees achieve their potential, increase productivity in the workplace, reduce costs, and create a more responsive environment.  Using in-class exercises, participants will apply theory, ideas, and techniques to increase their ability to be active and proactive managers and supervisors.
SS8- Problem Solving and Decision Making
Big problems or little problems, they never seem to end.  We can’t make your problems disappear, but we can give you tools to analyze the problems you encounter in the workplace.  As a new manager or supervisor you will learn an organized approach to problem solving and decision making including different methods used to assess ideas for resolutions and identify components of an action plan that will produce a win-win outcome for everyone.
's collective practice of management.  

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