Denver Employee Survey

Let Your Voice Be Heard!

The Employee Engagement Survey will return in 2015.

The information gathered from the Denver Employee Survey (DES) is designed to make a difference. The survey is periodically given to City and County of Denver employees by the Office of Human Resources (OHR). OHR then provides data, customized reports and analysis to each agency leader that will help them prioritize employee initiatives and projects, and identify improvement opportunities. In addition, OHR works with department heads to help design strategies and to develop an action plan to support those strategies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is this survey about?
Why should I complete the survey?
Will my responses be anonymous?
What will be done with these results?
How long will the survey take?  
Where and when can I see the results?

Q: What is this survey about? 
The survey asks question in several different areas including work group and supervisory relationships, training and career development opportunities, work climate and about the leadership in your agency or department.

  • Collect relevant data that will drive City initiatives, projects and improvement efforts.
  • Provides results to City leadership to help make key policy decisions aligned with workforce planning and organizational development plans.
  • Provide information to agencies/department and City leadership for improving operational efficiencies and assist with strategic planning efforts.

Q: Why should I complete the survey?
The survey is a method to obtain employee feedback for improvement. The survey allows employees to respond honestly to all of the questions. Employees can disclose sensitive information in a confidential manner. Management and Executives can then use overall employee responses to identify problems from feedback that may have otherwise been withheld in order to make improvements.  Your feedback helps create a better work environment and further moves the City in the direction of allowing us to better serve our citizens and therefore making it a world class city.

Q: Will my responses be anonymous?
Absolutely. We are only interested in the overall pattern of responses and have partnered with a 3rd party to launch the survey..

Q: What will be done with these results?
Management and Executives may use the data to identify opportunities and areas for improvement.  The Office of Human Resources (OHR) will provide resources to department heads to help design strategies to address issues identified within the DES results.

Q: How long will the survey take? 
 All participation will be 100% online.  Employees can complete the survey from any computer with Internet access by visiting The survey can also be completed at any Denver Public Library branch or workforce center.  To make DES accessible to everyone, OHR will set up mobile computer stations at various City locations, which will be available the full month of February.  For more information about the city computer stations, please contact your manager or HR representative.

Q: Where and when can I see the results? 
Citywide results will be available on DOT in April of 2013.

Denver Employee Survey Results