Office Space Requests - Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC)

The Department of Finance, Division of Real Estate manages office space planning, moves, additions and changes. Their goal is to support each agency’s office space planning needs as efficiently and cost effectively as possible.
With over 30 agencies occupying space in over 200 City buildings, the Division of Real Estate oversees all City-owned space. The Division of Real Estate is responsible for all real estate transactions including agency moves, adds and changes, including: 
  • Acting as the liaison between each agency and City service providers in Facility Management, Tech Services, and Public Works as necessary to meet office space needs
  • Assessing current and future needs through space utilization analysis and space planning assistance
  • Determining where space is available or where it will become available
  • Providing agencies with cost estimates for requests
  • Assisting with vendor recommendations for workstation and office furniture acquisition
Submitting a Request
All office space requests should be submitted by your move liaison Use the list below to determine the type of request you have.
  • Building Maintenance and Repairs
  • Minor furniture move or change (furniture within same work area for 2 or fewer people)
  • Badges, keys, etc.
Office Space Requests
  • Adding or moving people/office equipment including new employees (furniture within same work area for 3 or more people)
  • Change in use of occupied space  
  • Changing or adding security equipment (cameras, card readers)
  • Construction
  • Space planning


Repair, maintenance or replacement of existing phone and computer equipment
  • In existing location
Request Forms and Additional Information
For moving five people or less. To be completed and submitted by move liaison or Manager.
Large Move Form (This form should accompany the MAC Request Form.)
For moving more than five people. To be completed and submitted by move liaison or Manager.

Office Space Request Process Chart 

Learn how your request will be handled.