Modifying a Child Support Order

We want to help families by making sure that child support orders fit each family’s current circumstances. If there have been changes in either parent's life, child support may need to change, too. You must have an open case with us to request a review, but either parent can make the request.

The amount of child support ordered might be changed if one or more of the following has happened:

  • Changes in either of the parent’s income;
  • Changes in medical insurance coverage or in uninsured medical expenses;
  • Changes in child care expenses;
  • A change in the number of overnights either parent has with the children;
  • A child reaches the legal age of emancipation.


The process for changing the Child Support Order

Either parent can request a review of the Child Support Order. To modify an order, we use a “review and adjustment” process; the first step in that process is gathering information from both parents about income and expenses or other financial obligations. We may ask either or both parent(s) to come to our offices during the review process.

We will review all information provided to determine if there is a valid request and if there is, to determine the amount of the payments in the new child support order. Both parents will have the opportunity to provide input during the process.

Your current child support order is still in effect while your request is being reviewed and child support payments must continue to be made until a new order has been approved.


Requesting a Review
Send your request in writing to technician who is handling your case. Please include the following information as part of your request:

  • Full name
  • Address and phone number
  • Social Security Number
  • IV-D case number or FSR case number
  • The reason you need your child support order changed
  • Copies of documents to support the request for the change, including:

            - Pay stubs or unemployment documentation;

            - Child care receipts;

            - Proof of health insurance and premium amount

            - A Parenting Time order or agreement

You can complete this Financial Statement (Word document) and include it with your written request for review. If you do not provide this form with your request, we will send you a form for you to complete and send back to us.

You can also complete the Request for Review form on the Colorado Child Support Enforcement web site.

Please contact the technician handling your case if you have specific questions or need additional help with this process.


Useful Phone Numbers

Child Abuse Hotline
Statewide: 1-844-CO-4-Kids (264-5437)
or in Denver: 720-944-3000
Adult Protection Hotline
DHS Customer Service

Colorado Relay/TDD

Child Support Services

Foster Care

GIVE Denver
720-944-GIVE (4483)

Denver City & County Information