Colfax Corridor Connections is a project that is studying mobility needs and identifying transit and other multimodal improvements, including bicycle, pedestrian and vehicular, within the East Colfax travel corridor. The corridor is roughly bounded by I-25 and I-225 to the west and east, respectively, and by 12th Avenue and 20th Avenue on the south and north.  

The findings of recent City and County of Denver transportation planning efforts determined that additional capacity is needed in the East Colfax corridor now and in the future. As a result, this study, Colfax Corridor Connections, was initiated in June 2012 with the goal of improving transit and overall mobility within the corridor now and over the next 25 years. 

Throughout the project, the City and its partners will seek public input to help identify the solutions that will meet the transit and mobility needs of communities that live, work and travel in the corridor.

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