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Bond Projects
Track the projects that are funded through the Better Denver Bond Program.
Community Corrections Centers
Find Community Corrections Centers within the City and County of Denver.
Council Districts
Learn about Denver city-council districts and representatives.
2015 Denver Days Participants
Explore the 2015 Denver Days event locations.
Enterprise Zone
Determine if a business is eligible for enterprise zone tax credits.
Golf Courses
Locate Denver's city-operated golf courses.
Sheriff Department Office Locations
Find Sheriff Department Locations.
Historic Landmarks & Districts
Discover Denver's historic landmarks and districts.
HIV Health Providers
Find HIV health providers in the Denver area.
DMV Locations
Find DMV offices in the Denver area.
Find a neighborhood by name or location.
Registered Neighborhood Organizations
Discover registered neighborhood organizations in Denver and get involved in your community.
Use this map to determine if your property is located in the floodplain.
Development Services
Discover information about your development project location.
Discover parks that are maintained by the City and County of Denver including mountain parks.
Police Stations & Districts
Find the locations of police stations and districts.
Cop Shops
Denver COP Shops are storefronts that place officers in readily accessible commercial areas to aid citizens in preventing crime and accessing police services.
Halo Cameras
Identify locations of Denver Police Department Halo Cameras.
Recreation Centers
Locate recreation centers and learn about the facilities and amenities that are available.
Swimming Pools
Locate swimming pools and learn about the facilities and amenities that are available.
Internal and External Agency Project Coordination Map
Locate Public Works Right-of-Way Capital Improvement Projects.
Bike Map (PDF)
The Denver Bike Map is a helpful resource for navigating on and off-street bike trails around Denver.
Traffic Conditions
View traffic conditions around Denver and access traffic cameras and real-time traffic speeds.
Voter Service and Polling Centers and 24-Hour Ballot Drop-Off Boxes
Locate VSPCs and 24-Hour Ballot Drop-Off Boxes for the June 2, 2015 Municipal Run-off. Click on the related link below the interactive map to view a static map of all locations.
Find your zoning and learn about the zoning code.
Real Property
Find information about real property in Denver.
Fire Stations & Districts
Locate Denver Fire Department stations and districts.
Business Summary Report
View a summary of business-related information for a location in Denver.
Search City Engineer's/City Surveyor's records for subdivision plats.
Search City Engineer's/City Surveyor's records for official city re-surveys.
Downloadable Maps (City-wide)
Download city-wide maps for the City and County of Denver.
Denver Liquor Licenses
Find information about liquor licenses in Denver..
Inspection Districts - Community Planning & Dev.
Locate Community Planning and Development inspection districts.
Public Works Construction Inspection Districts
Locate Public Works inspection districts.
After School Programs
Learn about after school programs in Denver.
Downloadable Assessor Maps
Download Assessment parcel maps.
Downloadable City Engineering Maps
Download scanned City Engineering quarter-section maps.
Downloadable Denver Human Services Maps
Download Denver Human Services maps.
Use our interactive map to visualize crime activity in your area.
Downloadable Wastewater Maps
Download wastewater storm and sanitary plat maps.
Parkway Building Restrictions
Find locations and information about Denver Parkways.
Workforce Centers
Find Office of Economic Development Workforce Centers within the City and County of Denver.
HUD Income Levels 2014
HUD Low to Moderate Income Levels by Block Group 2014 for City and County of Denver.
Outdoor Warning Sirens
Outdoor Warning Sirens in City and County of Denver.
Plans, Assessments and Studies
Citywide plans, small area plans, assessments and studies in the City and County of Denver.
Blueprint Denver
Blueprint Denver Concept Land Use and Area of Change.
Proposed Zone Map Amendments (Rezonings)
Proposed Zone Maps Amendments in the City and County of Denver.
Site Development Plans
Site Development Plans in the City and County of Denver.