Boards & Commissions

Denver is a growing and diverse city. Each one of us can contribute to our city. We need your help by taking the time to serve as an active member of a board or commission. Appointments to boards and/or commissions are a vital part of local government and provide for direct citizen involvement in city affairs. Working together we can successfully prepare for our city’s future.

Mayor Michael B. Hancock appoints approximately 700 people to serve on over 130 City and County of Denver Boards and Commissions. Our office manages this process of recruiting, interviewing and recommending candidates.

Please review our list of boards and commissions if you are interested in considering yourself and/or others in the community who can contribute and influence city policies by serving on one of these boards or commissions.

Number of members: Undeclared
Term : 4 years
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None

Oversees the outside yearly audit of the city. 2 appointees by the Mayor, 2 appointees by the City Council and 2 appointees by the Auditor. 

City Managers and an external audit professional familiar with finance or city government.

Meets: To be determined

Enabling Authorization: Executive Order, #E069 (2001)

Jeffrey Hart - 12/31/2015
Maurice Goodgaine - 12/31/2016
Dennis Gallagher - None

Contact Person:
Denis Berckefeldt

Number of members: 25
Term : 3 years
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None
Enabling Authority: None

Oversee the implementation of the Denver Bicycle Master Plan, work with the city to develop engineering standards for street, roadway and trail designs to accommodate bicycles, review roadway and trail projects. 


Monthly on the first Thursday
5:30 pm
201 West Colfax Avenue
Room 4.I.4

Contact Person: 
Emily Snyder, Senior City Planner


Shelley Smith, 12/31/2014
David Mintzer, 12/31/2014
Antonia Barducci, 12/31/2014
Julio Trujillo, 12/31/2014
Rocio Rowland, 12/31/2014
Megan, Alderton, 12/31/2015
John Folsom, 12/31/2015
Chad King, 12/31/2015
Paul Garcia, 12/31/2015
Mark Kelley, 12/31/2015
Aylene McCallum, 12/31/2015
Douglas Shinkle, 12/31/2015
Tom Wagner, 12/31/2015
Michael Welker, 12/31/2015
Alyssa Alt 12/31/2016
Matt Couzens 12/31/2016
Tangier Barnes 12/31/2016
Parry Burnap 12/31/2016
Charles White 12/31/2016
Tracy Davis, 12/31/2016
Libby Kaiser, 12/31/2016
Katherine McKenna, 12/31/2016
Ean Tafoya, 12/31/2016
Joshua Thurmond, 12/31/2016
Kevin Williams, 12/31/2016

Number of members: 5
Term : 5 years
Compensation: yes
Confirmation: None
Enabling Authorization: City Charter B1.19, RMC 59-51

The Board is responsible for reviewing appeals from decisions of the Zoning Administration and Appeals to Zoning Code and can grant Zoning variance and exceptions.

Traditions but not set, i.e. different quadrants. 

Penny Elder, 2/10/16
Kevin Wrede, 2/10/17
Don Sandoval, 2/10/18
Frank Schultz, 2/10/18
Sandra Roberts, 2/10/19

Jose Aguayo, 2/10/20

Rafael Espinoza, 2/10/20

Zoning Hearing Room,
Every Tuesday at 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (except Holidays)
2H14, 201 West Colfax Avenue, WEWMB

Janice Tilden

Number of members: 5
Term : 
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None

The Board shall advise the director of employee assistance in defining the program policy direction of the office of employee assistance.


The Board shall consist of five members who are appointed by the mayor from the following areas:

  • One member of the city council
  • The mayor's chief of staff
  • The auditor
  • Two members of the Denver business community, one of whom must be a part of an organization with an existing employee assistance program.

Meets: Quarterly, or as called by the chairperson of the board.

Enabling Authorization: None

Carol Boigon, Councilwoman
Dennis Gallagher, Auditor
Kelly Brough
William Saslow
George Rock

Contact Person: 
Chris Weimer

Number of members: 4
Term : 3 Years
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None

The trustees are responsible for overseeing the administration, operation, and maintenance of the Denver Botanic Gardens.

Members must be residents of the City and County of Denver and reside within one mile of the Botanic Gardens.

Monthly, beginning in January
4th Tuesday of the month @4:00 p.m.
Gates Hall, Main Boettcher Memorial Building
Denver Botanic Gardens
909 York Street

Enabling Authorization: Agreements between the City and County of Denver and the Denver Botanic Gardens (1991)

Christine Grawemeyer, 12/31/2016
Victoria Eppler, 12/31/2017
Peter Kirsch, 12/31/2017
Allyson Mendenhall, 12/31/2017
Lauri Dannemiller,  None

Contact Person:
Karen Peters
phone: 720 865-3515
fax: 720 865-3720

Number of members: 3
Term : 3 Years
Compensation: Undeclared
Confirmation: None

Section 30-6-109.7, C.R.S. sets forth a process to correct irregular and irrational boundaries between the city and county of Denver and the neighboring counties of Adams, Arapahoe, and Jefferson, which result in the confusion and inefficient delivery of public services or which jeopardize the ability of landowners to use and develop their property. The Boundary Council Commission performs these functions set forth in this state statute.

Members must hold a City office.

Meets: As needed.

Enabling Authorization: Denver Charter Section 2.2.6 (A)

Councilman Chris Nevitt, 7/01/2017
Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman, 7/01/2017
Councilman Chris Herndon, 7/01/2017

Contact Person:
Chuck Solomon, City Attorney Office

Bluebird Board of Directors

Number of members: 7
Term : 4 Years
Compensation: None
Confirmation: Yes




Enabling Authorization: 

Don Novak, 06/03/16
Sean Mandel, 06/03/16
Tyler Carlson, 06/03/16
Tiger Kim, 06/03/16
Richard "Buzz Geller, 06/03/18
Drew Gottlieb, 06/03/18
Tom Secrist, 06/03/18

Contact Person:

Cherry Creek North Board of Directors

Number of members: 12
Term : 3 Years
Compensation: None
Confirmation: Yes

The business improvement district responsibilities are to create a quality and supportive environment that enhances the ability of the district's retailers, property owners and tenants to prosper individually.  Some maintenance services include: irrigation and lawn maintenance of more than 3.5 acres of grass; snow removal from 32,000 square feet of right-of-way sidewalk; trash removal; maintenance of the fountains, plaza, lighting and benches.

Members must be retailers, property owners, and office tenants within the district.

2nd Wednesday of each month @7:30 AM
299 E. Milwaukee St.
Denver, CO

Enabling Authorization: Ordinance 154

Bob Flynn 12/31/15
Lee Driscoll, 12/31/15
Dave Hadsell, 12/31/15
Jan Lucas, 12/31/15
Roy Kline, 12/31/15
Norman Smith, 12/31/15
Janelle Kenny, 12/31/16
Chris Dunn 12/31/16
Christy Fitzpatrick 12/31/16
Charles Kercheval 12/31/16

Brett Pearson, 12/31/17

Contact Person:
Julie Underdahl

Cherry Creek SubArea Board of Directors

Number of members: 5
Term : 3 Years
Compensation: None
Confirmation: Yes

The Board of Directors is responsible for the administration, operation and maintenance of the district.

Members must be retailers, property owners, residents, or tenants within the district.

Meets: As need; Call to confirm.

Enabling Authorization: 31-25-1201 State Statute (BID)

Paul Rossi, 12/31/2008
David P. Veldman, 12/31/2010
Paul Stann, 12/31/2010
Dan Reagan, 12/31/2010
Robert E. Rhodes, 12/31/2010

Contact Person:
Mary Carter

Colfax Board of Directors

Number of members: 7
Term : 3 Years
Compensation: None
Confirmation: City Council

Responsibilities include creating a quality and supportive environment that enhances the ability of the district's retailers, property owners and tenants to prosper individually.

Members must be retailers, property owners, residents, or tenants within the district.

2nd Tuesday of each month @10 AM
1490 Lafayette
Suite 108
Denver, CO

Enabling Authorization: 31-25-1201 State Statute (BID)


Anthony Loeffler, 12/31/2015
Jimmy Balafas, 12/31/2015
Sean O'Connell, 12/31/2015
Tina Pachorek, 12/31/2015

Vicky Hales, 12/31/2017

Contact Person: 
Stephanie Salazar


Downtown Denver Board of Directors

Number of members: 7
Term : 3 Years
Compensation: None
Confirmation: City Council

The Board of Directors is responsible for the administration, operation and maintenance of the Downtown Denver Business Improvement District.

Members must be residents or own property within the City and County of Denver.

Monthly on the first Thursday @1:30 p.m.
Downtown Denver Partnership
511 16th Street.
Suite 200
Denver, CO

Enabling Authorization: City Charter Section A2.29-A2.45

Ed Blair, 12/31/2015
Josh Comfort, 12/31/2015
Joshua Fine, 12/31/2015
Dorit Makovsky Fischer, 12/31/2015
Susan Cantwell, 12/31/2016
Gina Guarascio, 12/31/2016
Connie O'Murray, 12/31/2016

Contact Person:
John Desmond
303 534-6161

Federal Boulevard Board of Directors

Number of members: 7
Term : 3 Years
Compensation: None
Confirmation: City Council




Enabling Authorization: 

David Berton, 12/31/2016
David Jensen, 12/31/2016
Terry Kunz, 12/31/2016
Luis Vasquez, 12/31/2016
Marshall Vanderburg, 12/31/2017

Contact Person: 

Old South Gaylord Board of Directors

Number of members: 5
Term : 3 Years
Compensation: None
Confirmation: City Council

The business improvement district is responsible for the administration, operation and maintainance of the Old South Gaylord Business Improvement District.

Members must be residents of the City and County of Denver, tenants or property owners in the District.

Bi-annually; Call to confirm

Enabling Authorization: CRS 31-25-1208 and Ordinance 8041990

Joyce Bickel, 12/31/2008 
Max Barber, 12/31/2009
Nicholas Antonopoulos, 12/31/2007
Diana Moyle, 12/31/2007

Contact Person: 
Greg Sauber

West Colfax Board of Directors

Number of members: 5
Term : 3 Years
Compensation: None
Confirmation: City Council

Responsibilities include creating a quality and supportive environment that enhances the ability of the district's retailers, property owners and tenants to prosper individually.

Members must be a representative of at least one of the following: retailer, property owner, or office tenant within the West Colfax District.

To be determined

Enabling Authorization: State Statute, City Ordinance #598

David Goldblatt, 10/3/2014
Dennis Gonzalez, 10/3/2014
Annette Alo, 10/3/2015
Diane Didier Vollmer, 10/3/2015
Cameron Bertron, 10/3/2016

Contact Person: 
Dan Shaw

Number of members: 3
Term : POM
Compensation: None
Confirmation: Yes

To oversee the Daniels/ Denver Cableland Foundation 

  • 2 appointed by the Mayor
  • 4 by the Daniels Foundation
  • Manager of Parks and Recreation 

Monthly; 3rd Thursday of March, June, September, and December
4150 Shangrila
Denver, CO 80246

Enabling Authorization: Joint Agreement with Daniels Foundation

Anthony Aragon 
Honorable Marcia Johnson 
Lauri Dannemiller, Mgr. of Parks & Rec.

Contact Person:
Daniel Beck

Number of members: 5
Term : 5 years
Compensation: Yes
Confirmation: Yes

The Board is responsible for recruitment, examination and certification of applicants for employment and promotions in the career service authority.  It appoints administrative officers to hear and decide personnel matters of the City and County of Denver employees.

City and County of Denver current employees may not serve on this board.

1st Thursday, 5 p.m. and 3rd Thursday, 9 a.m.
201 West Colfax Avenue
Wellington Webb building
Room 4.G.2.

Enabling Authorization: City Charter C5.23

Neil Peck, 9/16/15
Colleen M. Rea, Esq., 9/16/16
Patti Klinge, 9/16/18
Gina Casias, 9/16/17

Derrick Fuller, 9/16/19

Fran Trujillo, Career Service Authority, 720-913-5168,
Natalie Landau, Deputy Director, (720) 913-5727,
Melissa Fisher, Interim Deputy Director, (720) 913-5663,

Number of Members: 8 Members
Term: 3 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: No

Function: The Board advises and assists the planning board and/or planning office in their review procedures.

 Three licensed architects and one licensed landscape architect who reside in Denver; one member of the Board of Cherry Creek North Business Improvement District or its designated successor; one property owner; one retailer from the district; and one non-voting representative from the Denver Planning Office.

 Bi-monthly on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday at 7:30 a.m. at 299 Milwaukee.

 Chris Gleissner 720-865-2938   

Enabling Authorization:
 Charter Sec. 59-530

Dick Marshall, 11/01/14 
Bill Moon, 11/01/14
Blake Mourer, 11/01/14
Matt McMichael, 11/01/15
Bob Mattucci, 11/01/15
Christopher Crosby, ex-officio
Chris Gleissner, ex-officio

Number of Members: 7 (Appointed by Mayor)
Term: 4 Year Terms
Compensation: Up to $1200.00 per year in addition to necessary expenses. 
Confirmation: Yes 

Cisco Gallardo, 01/01/16
Mark Brown, 01/1/16
Mary Davis, 01/1/16
Steven Foster 01/01/16
Paul Burleson 01/01/19
Roger Sherman, 01/01/19 
Nita Gonzales 01/01/19

Function: Assess the effectiveness of the Monitor's Office; make policy level recommendations regarding discipline, use of force, and other policies; address rules, hiring, training, community relations, and the complaint process; address any other issues of concern to the community, members of the board, the monitor, the Manager of Safety, the Chief of Police, the Undersheriff, or the Fire Chief.

Qualifications: Must be resident of the City and County of Denver; no officer or employee of the City; neither the members of the Board nor any of their immediate family members, shall have ever been employed by the Denver Police, Sheriff of Fire Department.

Meets: TBD

Board voicemail: 720-913-3150
Gerri Castellano
720-913-3306   For more information, please visit the Citizen Oversight Board Website

Enabling Authorization: City Ordinance #730 (2004)

Number of Members: 5 
Term: 2 Year Terms
Compensation: $100.00 per meeting and expenses
Confirmation: No

Neil G. Berlin, 12/31/2015
Federico Alvarez, 12/31/2015
Hillary Potter, 12/31/2015

Joseph Sandoval, 12/31/2016

Function: The Commission's duties, powers and responsibilities include establishing, fostering and maintaining a merit personnel system providing for the selection and appointment by the Manager of Safety of those determined to be the best qualified entry-level applicants and promotional candidates to the Classified Service of the Denver Fire and Police Departments.  The Commission is also responsible for establishing and administering a disciplinary and disqualification review process for members of the Classified Service.

Qualifications: The Commissioners shall be citizens of the United States. Two (2) members of the Commission shall be appointed by the Mayor, Two (2) members of the Commission shall be appointed by City Council, and One (1) member of the Commission shall be nominated by the Mayor and appointed by ordinance or resolutoin of the Council.  

Monthly on the first and third Fridays at 9:30 a.m.
Wellington Webb Municipal Building
201 W. Colfax Avenue
Denver, CO 80202.

Composition:  In making appointments to the Commission, the Mayor and City Council shall consider the diversity of the citizens of the City & County of Denver.  

Earl Peterson, Executive Director
(720) 913-3351
Fax (720) 913-3373

Enabling Authorization: City Charter 9.3.1

Max. Number of Members 40
Term: POM
Compensation: None
City Council Approval: No

Roger Armstrong
Jill Barkin
Rick Barnes
Christine Benero
Geoff Bennett
Ed Blair
Albus Brooks, City Councilman
Don Burnes
Terrell Curtis
Shawn DeBerry
Tami Door
Andrew Feinstein
Leslie Foster
Stephen Gould
Ismael Guerrero
Michael Henry
Jeff Hirota
Doug Hock
Regina Huerter
Nikki Jackson
Sharon Knight
Randle Loeb
Tony Lopez, Commander, District 6
Tom Luehers
Victoria McVicker
Brad Meuli
Judy Montero, City Councilwoman
Debbie Ortega, City Councilwoman
John Parvensky
Nancy Rider
Jeanne Robb, City Councilwoman
Paul Ryan
Gary Sanford
Richard Scharf
Jon Schlegel
Mark Wright 

To participate in a community-wide effort to develop a ten year plan to end homelessness in the City and County of Denver and to help oversee the implementation of such a plan.

Knowledge of homelessness and local human resources.

Varies, call contact person

Bennie Milliner

Enabling Authority: Mayor's Office.

Number of Members: 21 Members
Term: 4 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: City Council 

Juanita Chacon,Citizen 06/01/14
Charles Clark, Criminal Justice, 06/30/13
Dianne L. Tramutola-Lawson, Citizen, 06/30/2014
Sarah Chaikin, Rep. Victim Advoate, 06/30/2014
Lucia Guzman, Rep. Local Elected Official, 06/30/2014
Gary Wilson, Undersheriff, 06/30/2014
Judy D. Dulac, Dpt. Human Services, 06/30/2014
Makisha Boothe, DPS, 06/30/2014
Paul Rosenthal, Citizen Rep., 06/30/2014
Marshal Seufert, Public Defender's Office, 06/30/2017
Jane J. Prancan,Citizen, 06/30/2015
Margaret Reiland,Criminal Justice, 06/30/2015
Shawn Cohn,Probation Officer, 06/30/2016
Sylvia Sich, Public Safety, 06/30/2016
John "Jay" Flynn, Citizen, 06/30/2017
Daniel Diaz, Dept. of Safety Rep., 06/30/2017
Fran Jamison, Probation Rep., 06/30/2017
Jeaneene Miller, Rep. Criminal Justice, 06/30/2013
Lamar S. Sims, Rep. District Attorney's Office, 06/30/2017
Eric Holzwarth, Rep. Dept. of Corrections, 06/30/2017
Erin Stremming, Rep. Denver Human Services, 06/30/2017
Michael Anderson, Rep. Criminal Justice, 06/30/2017

Function: The board is responsible for advising city government on correction issues, establishing programs criteria and participating in the screening and selection of potential candidates for placement in community facilities.
Qualifications: The Denver Community Corrections Board shall consist of twenty-one members, who shall be appointed by the Mayor and whose appointments shall be confirmed by ordinance. The Board shall be comprised as follows: six representatives of the citizens of the city; three representatives of the city department of safety; one of whom shall be the director of the department of corrections/undersheriff; one locally elected official; two individuals with experience, knowledge, and interest in the criminal justice field; one victim's advocate from a local public or private agency; the remaining members to include not more than one representative from each of the following public agencies: the city district attorney's office; the city public defender's office; the city department of human services; the state department of corrections; the state department of human services; the city public school district; the city district court adult probation; and the city district court juvenile probation office.

Monthly on the third Wednesday at 7:30 a.m.
303 West Colfax, 11th floor.

Greg Mauro
Fax: 720-913-8920, 

Enabling Authorization: CRS 17-27-101 and Resolution No. 63 Series of 1989

Number of Members: 15 Members
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None

Steve Berson
Rev. Gilbert Caldwell
Diane Hartman
Tom Knorr
Butch Montoya
Judge Patterson
Bill Ritter
John Smith

Enabling Authorization:

Number of Members: 1 appointed by the Mayor 
Term: POM
Compensation: None 
City Council Approval: No 

Seneca Holmes, Mayor's Office representative 

 To help alleviate the affects of poverty, demonstrate a way out of poverty and promote movement toward self-sufficiency for low-income residents of Denver whose income does not exceed 125% of federal poverty level.

Qualifications: Determined as needed.

Ben Levek, Denver Department of Human Services
1200 Federal Blvd.
Denver, CO 80204
(720) 944-2875
Fax: (720) 944-3092

Meets: Times and dates vary.

Enabling Authorization: federal grant requirement

Members: 15
Term: 3
Compensation: None, reimbursed for reasonable expenses.
City Council Approval: Yes

Adam Espinosa, 9/1/15
Cheryl Heard, 9/1/15
Sean McDermott, 9/1/15
Heather Salazar, 9/1/15
Shawn Cohn, 9/1/16
Louise Boris, 9/1/16
Henry Jackson, 9/1/16
Stacey Hervey, 9/1/17
Michael Carrigan, 9/1/17
Denise Vargas, 9/1/17
John Simmons, 9/1/17
Robert Bremer, 9/1/17
Alvin LaCabe, Manage of Safety - POM
Gerald Whitman, Chief of Police - POM
Bill Lovingier, Undersheriff - POM
Mary Celeste, Presiding Judge County Court - POM
Vince DiCroce,City Attorney - POM
Tom Moore, Community Corrections Director - POM
Karla Maraccini, Drug Strategy Director - POM
Jeaneene Millier,Community Correction Dir. POM
Robert Mowatt, State Chief Probation Officer - POM
Erik Garcia-Gillespie,State Public Defender - Pom 
Michael Vallejos, Colorado State Public Defender - POM
Councilman Rick Garcia, Council District #1
Councilman Paul Lopez, Council District #3
Councilman Doug Linkhart, Councilmember-At-Large

Larry Naves - Chief Judge - 2nd Judicial Court-POM
Mitch Morrisey - District Attorney - POM

Function: (1) to reduce Crime, partly by reducing criminal recidivism (2) to facilitate coordination among justice system agencies (3) support the development of a data-driven criminal justice system that offers a range of evidence-based sanctions and programs (4) facilitate the development of information technology and data necessary for effective criminal justice policy development, jail population mgmt, and evaluation of sanctions and programs to hold offenders accountable(5)facilitate efficient use of jail space by encouraging alternatives, where appropriate; (6) to recommend expenditures from the Crime Prevention and Control Fund.

Qualifications: 15 representatives shall be from the following: defense bar, offender service providers, Denver Public Schools, Juvenile Services Planning Committee, city/county juvenile justice system academia, homeless and mental health service providers, 3 victim advocates or representatives, Denver State Delegation, and 3 community at large. 12 members shall be designated agency officers and 3 shall be Denver City Council members. 

Regina Huerter,  Manager of Safety Office
(720) 913-6606

Third Wednesday of each month
3:00 - 5:00 pm
13th and Cherokee in the police auditorium 

Enabling Authorization:
CB 152 2005

Number of members: 7 Members, 6 appointed by the Mayor
Term: 4 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None 

Steve Ellington, CFO Designee
Alan Buchwald, 12/31/15
Les Perry, 12/31/15
Susan Judah, 12/31/16
Joseph Strese, 12/31/16
Bruce Backer, 12/31/18
Greg Pixley, 12/31/18
Function: The Board administers the Plan and meets quarterly with the Plan's Third Party Administrators (ICMA and Cooney) to receive a quarterly financial report on their funds, the market, and any issues with regard to the plan administration. Any changes to the offering of funds by either administrator needs to be approved by the Board, the Board also approves changes/updates to the Plan, and makes recommendations to the City on Third Party Administrator contract renewals or contract changes. 

 Must be a city employee and a contributing member of the plan (the Manager of Revenue is not required to be a contributing member of the plan).

Fourth Tuesday of January, April, July and October
Wellington E. Webb Municipal Building - room number is t.b.a. 

Steve Ellington, 720 913 9384 

Enabling Authorization:
 Denver Code SEC. 18-436 

Plan Details: Deferred Compensation Plan 457


Visit the Denver African American Commission Site Below:

Visit the Denver American Indian Commission Site Below:

Visit the Denver Asian Pacific American Commission Site Below:

Visit the Denver Commission for People with Disabilities Site Below:

Visit the Denver Commission on Aging Site Site Below:

Members: 24 Members, 17 appointed by the Mayor
Term: 3 Year Terms
Compensation: None
City Council Approval: Yes

Bobbi Walker, 08/31/15
Andres Clader, 08/31/15
Michael Mowry, 08/31/15
Evi Makovsky, 08/31/15|
Leslie Herod, 08/31/15
Denis Berckefeldt, 08/31/15
Nancy Walsh, 08/31/15
Stephanie Blake, 08/31/15
Claudia Jordan, 08/31/16

Sarah Kurz, 08/31/16
Richard Tallman, 08/31/16
Yolanda Ortega, 8/31/16
Rachel Basye, 08/31/17
Jayne Buck, 08/31/17
Josh Comfort, 08/31/17
Ann Daley, 08/31/17
Jennifer Evans, 08/31/17
Rick Griffith, 08/31/17
Chandler Romeo, 08/31/7
Maruca Salazar, 08/31/17
Tony Smith, 08/31/17
Margie Soo Hoo Lee, 08/31/17
Dustin Whistler, 08/31/17
Anthony Aragon, NONE
Frank Daidone, NONE
Mary Louise Lee, NONE

Function: The commission is responsible for providing advice and input to the Director of Arts & Venues on issues relating to arts and cultural affairs.

Qualifications: The commission shall include eight members of acknowledged accomplishment as either amateurs or professionals in one or more of the following fields: architecture, art criticism, art education, art history, choreography, dance, communicative arts, crafts, folk and ethnic arts, literature, media arts, music, opera, painting, photography, sculpture, theatre, including community theatre, and urban design; two members representing the film industry; three members representing business and labor; four members representing the geographic and demographic diversity of the City.

Monthly on the first Tuesday of each month
4:00 - 6:00 pm 
Different cultural venue each month. Please call to confirm.

Ginger White
(720) 865-4314 
For more information please visit:

Enabling Authority: Ordinance (Revised Municipal Code 28-20) in 1991

Number of Members: 13 Members
Term: 3 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None

Sara Carpenter, 02/02/16
Jose Reyes, 02/02/16
John Nieman, 02/02/16
Maria Rita Munoz, 02/02/16
Graciela Gonzales, 02/02/17
Cynthia Stone, 02/02/17
Carol Lewis, 02/02/17

Susan Powers, 02/02/18
Angela Casias, 02/02/18
April Kalish, 02/02/18
Theresa Pena, 02/02/18
Calvin Stegink, 02/02/18
Aeric Watson, 02/02/18

Function: To supervise governance of Denver Health Community Services (DCHS); to act as co-applicant with Denver Health for federal grant to DCHS.

Qualifications: Majority must be consumers of the DCHS; no more than half of the remaining members may be persons who derive more than ten percent of annual income from health care industry; remaining members must be representative of DCHS catchment area and knowledgeable in community affairs, local government, finance, legal affairs, trade unions, business or social service; at least one member must be a member of the Denver Health and Hospitals Authority Board of Directors; no Board member may be an employee of the DCHS or related by blood or marriage to such employee; project director may be non-voting ex-officio member.

Monthly on the 3rd Thursday at 6 p.m.
Denver Health Authority
660 Bannock Street, 5th Floor Board Room.


Jennifer Solano

Enabling Authorization: Executive Order

Number of Members: 7 Members, 
Term: 3 Year Terms 
Compensation: None 
Confirmation: Council Ordinance
Zee Ferrufino, 12/31/14
Tony Hernandez, 12/31/14
Scott Mitchell, 12/31/14
Jaren Ducker, 12/31/15
Nick LeMasters, 12/31/15
Scott Wylie, 12/31/15
Diane Barrett, 12/31/15
 The board is responsible for owning, acquiring, constructing, equipping, operating and financing the Convention Center Headquarters Hotel on behalf of the City and its residents.

Qualifications: Must be 18 years of age or older and cannot be an employee of the City and County of Denver if (2) members are already City and County of Denver employees

Bill Mosher

4th Monday of every month at 12:00 noon
Hyatt Convention Center Hotel
General Manager's Conference Room 2nd Floor.

Enabling Authorization: City Ordinance #150 series of 2003- Council Bill #125

Number of Members: 20 Members; 2 appointed by the Mayor
Term: 3 year terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None

Diana Gadison, 6/30/14
Mitchell McKee, 6/30/16

Function: To secure adequate funding in order to provide comprehensive quality early childhood education in order to start young children and their families on the road to success in school and in their lives.

Qualifications: Representation from the Mayor's office, Denver Public Schools, City Council, City Agencies, Head Start, Private for Profit and Non-profit Child Care and Education providers, Health Professionals, Parents and the Business Community.

Emily Bustos
(720) 423-8070
For more information visit the Mayor's Office for Education and Children and the Denver Early Childhood Council website.

Monthly on the first Thursday
9 a.m.-11 a.m.
3532 Franklin Street

Enabling Authorization: Joint Agreement

Number of Members: No limit
Year Terms: POM
Compensation: None
City Council Approval: No

Susan Thoman, Denver Human Services
Dody Erickson, Parks & Recreation 
Andrea Christensen, Denver International Airport 
Beth Machann, Controller's Office
Rose Maes, Environmental Health 
Shaun Sullivan, City Attorney's Office
James Williamson, General Services
Diane Lapierre, Denver Public Library
Valarie Nealey, Denver Water 

Function: Carries out the policy of the City and County of Denver to encourage and facilitate donations by its officers and employees to diverse organizations that benefit the community in charitable ways.

Qualifications: None required

Beth Machann
Fax: (720) 913-5599 

Meetings are the 3rd Thursday of the month at 12:00 noon
Wellington Webb Municipal Building, Room 4.1.4 

Enabling Authorization:
 Executive Order #77

Visit the Denver GLBT Commission Site Below:

Visit the Denver Immigrant & Refugee Commission Site Below:

Visit the Denver Latino Commission Site Below:

Number of Members: 1 appointed by the Mayor
Term: POM
Compensation: None
City Council Approval: No 

Paul Washington, Executive Director, Office of Economic Development  

Function: Governing entity for Visit Denver.

Qualifications: Representative of the City and County of Denver.

Charleen Pestana

3rd Wednesday of every other month (Aug, Oct, Dec, etc.) or TBD at 8 AM
Denver Metro Convention and Visitors Bureau Board Room. 

Enabling Authorization:
 Joint Agreement

Visit the Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships Commission Site Below:

Number of Members: BOD - 7, BOA - 25
Length of Term: BOD - 3, BOA - 3
City Council Approval: Yes
Board of Directors: 
Sarah Daily, 03/12/15
Michael Yankovich, 03/12/15
Councilman Albus Brooks, 03/12/15
Theresa Pena, 03/12/16
David Cole, 03/12/16
Janice Sinden, 03/21/16
Dr. Arthur Gonzalez, 03/12/16
Theresa Pena, 03/12/16

Board of Advisors:
Betty Cde Baca, 03/12/15
Geraldine "Gerie" Grimes, 03/12/15
Anna Jo Haynes, 03/12/15
Virginia Maloney, 03/12/15
Penny May, 03/12/15
Tameka Montgomery, 03/12/15
Jonathan Reyes, 03/12/15
E Lee Reichert, 03/12/15
David Suppes, 03/12/15
Stephen Vogler, 03/27/15
Michael Yankovich, 03/12/15
Linda C. Adams, 03/12/17
Judy Ham, 03/12/17
Rebecca Kantor, 03/12/17
Evi Bachrach Makovsky, 03/12/17
Anne Rowe, 03/12/17
Lem Smith, IV, 03/12/17
Susan Steele, 03/12/17
Paul Asper, 03/12/17
Zach Hochstadt, 03/12/17
Amber Munck, 03/12/17

Function: The Preschool Program Board is responsible for administering and governing the new Denver Preschool Program. The Board of Advisors will make non-binding recommendations to the Board of Directors on policy issues.

Qualifications: The Board of Advisors shall consist of twenty-five persons reflecting the diversity of the City and County of Denver and shall include persons with the following qualifications: parents of young children; early childhood education providers, representing a diverse range of different types of providers; education advocates or experts; representatives of the business community; representatives of the non-profit community;  and community representatives.
Board of Directors: 4th Wednesday of every month from 11am-1pm
Board of Advisors: first Wednesday of every other month from 11:30am-1pm.

Both meetings at Denver Preschool Program offices, 305 Park Avenue West, Suite B 

Jennifer Landrum

Enabling Authority:
Number of Members: Twenty-one 
Term: 3 years
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None

Current Members:
Shannon Spurlock, Co-Chair, Denver Urban Gardens
Dana Miller, Co-Chair, Grow Local Colorado
Eric Kornacki, Revision International
Kristi Roberts, Slow Food Denver
Jessica George, Veterans to Farmers/Local Food Shift
Wade Shelton, Trust for Public Land
Adam Brock, The Growhaus
Chris Parr, Denver Housing Authority
Ceyl Prinster, Colorado Enterprise Fund
Cindy Everett, Urban Land Conservancy
Ryan Galanaugh, Metro CareRing
Megan Bradley, Share Our Strength
Mickki Langston, Mile High Business Alliance
Aron Rosentha, Waste Farmers
Erin Bravo, Real Food Colorado
Jessica Chance , Chance Multimedia
Patti Iwasak, Taking Neighborhood Health to Heart
Mya Strasser, Liberation Sequence Gardens
Jody Norman, JNN Enterprises

Jerry Tinianow, City & County of Denver
Tina Axelrad, Department of Community Planning & Development
Michael Miera, Office of Economic Development
Stacey McConlogue, Department of Environmental Health
Jennifer Wieczorek, Denver Public Health
Rusty Collins, CSU Extension

Mission:  The Denver SFPC influences policy that fosters food security for all community members, and promotes a healthy, equitable, and sustainable local food system, with consideration for economic vitality and environmental impact.  

Contact Person(s): 
Shannon Spurlock, Denver Urban Gardens
(303) 292-9900

Stacey McConlogue, Enironmental Health

Third Wednesday of every other month (February, April, June, August, October and December)
10:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
1031 33rd Street, 2nd Floor Classroom.  

Enabling Authorization: Executive Order 

Number of Members: 6 Members 
Term: 2 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: Yes

Barb Grogan, 12/31/2015
Elbra Wedgeworth, 12/31/2015

Laura Aldrete, 12/31/2016
William Biano, 12/31/2016
Jerrold Glick, 12/31/2016
Michael West, 12/31/2016

Function: City & County of Denver has authorized the creation of the Colorado Non-Profit Corporation pursuant to the Colorado Revised Non-profit Corporation Act to be known as the Denver Union Station Project Authority for the purpose of financing, acquiring, owning, equipping, designing, constructing, renovating, operating, maintaining and taking any other action that a Colorado Non-profit Corporation may take with respect to the Denver Union Station Project. 

Qualifications:  Familiarity with construction, transportation infrastructure and/or mixed-use urban redevelopment. 

MeetIng Location: 
1st Thursday of month
1:30 p.m.
Offices of Hogan Lovells, 1200-17th Street, Suite 1500

Diane Barrett
(720) 865-8780  

Enabling Authorization:  Articles of Incorporation
Number of Members: 27 Members
Term: 3 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: No

Chris Herndon, 01/24/15
Regina Huerter, 01/24/15
Tamara Molyneaux, 01/24/15
Dr. Jim Moran 1/24/15
David Murphy, 01/24/15
William Nagle, 01/24/15
Arthur Ortegon, 01/24/15
Elizabeth Whitmore, 01/24/15
Christopher Conner, 01/24/16
John Simmons, 01/24/16
Flor Amaro, 01/24/16
Robert Bremer, 01/24/16
Robert Dorshimer, 01/24/16
Carroll Watkins Ali, 01/24/16
Richard Benenson, 01/24/16
Cheryl Haggstrom, 1/24/16
Noah Atencio, 01/24/16
Katherine Page, 01/24/16
Laura Pegram, 01/24/16
Sandra Haynes, 01/24/16
Penny May, 01/24/17
Merlyn Karst, 01/24/17

Jodi Lockhart, 01/24/17
Andrew McClure, 01/24/17
Lori Rabinowitz, 01/24/17
Audrey Vincent, 01/24/17
Katie Karin Wells, Ex-Officio 

Function: Denver's Drug Strategy works to engage people at all levels of substance abuse and addiction. The Strategy supports approaches that work to reduce gaps in current substance abuse services. The mission of Denver's Drug Strategy is to "improve prevention and treatment for addictions".

Qualifications: None

Meets: Monthly, 1st Thursday -- Location Varies  
Nachshon Zohari
(720) 944-6375  

Enabling Authority: Mayor's Office
Number of Members: 7 Members
Term: 3 year terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: No 

Fran Mishler, ex-officio
Joyce Brady, property owner, 03/31/11
Brian Phetteplace, 03/31/11
Jason C. Otero, design professional, 03/31/10
Martin Gregg, B-5 District Business Owner, 3/31/10
David Baker, Rep. Design Professional, 03/31/11
Steven Dwyer, Denver resident, B-5 preference, 03/31/11
Mark Meiser, B-5 district business owner,03/31/11 

Function: Review and recommend approval to the zoning administrator of applications for signs and street graphics.

Qualifications: One property owner, who owns property in the B-5 district; one member of the board of the 16th Street Pedestrian and Transit Mall or its successor, nominated by the board; one business operator, who operates a business in the B-5 district; one member of Downtown Denver, Inc., nominated by Downtown Denver, Inc.; two design professionals; one resident of Denver, with preference given to a resident of the B-5 district.

2nd Thursday of the month
9:30 AM
Wellington Webb Bldg
201 W. Colfax Ave.
Room 4.J.1

Greg Savage
(720) 865-2785

Enabling Authorization: Ord. No. 779-96

Number of Members: 5
Term: N/A
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None

Anthony Aragon
Joe Halpern
Nora Morgenstern  

Function: Responsible for assessing the needs of older people, identifying available resources, developing plans to address the unmet needs, and allocating funding for direct services to older people.

 The ability to understand the distinction between the role of a policy or operating board, and an advisory council. Broad knowledge of the problems and characteristics of the elderly population, preferably with specialized knowledge of the needs, problems, and characteristics of certain segments of that population, e.g. rural residents, racial minorities, etc. 

 3rd Friday of the month from 12:00- 3:00pm at 1290 Broadway, Suite 700

Jayla Sanchez-Warren
(303) 480-6735

Enabling Authorization: Federal Regulation

Number of Members: 5 Members, 4 appointed by the Mayor
Term: 3 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None

Robert Merritt, 12/31/11
Deb Bartleson, 12/31/10
Gary Wilson, 12/31/10
Diana Smith, 12/31/11
Jeff Dolan, Career Service Director, None

Function: The committee is responsible for approving all applications for educational refunds filed by eligible employees for course of study.


Quarterly, time TBD
Career Service Authority
201 West Colfax Avenue 

Marion Lujan
(720) 913-5622

Krystel Banks

Enabling Authority:
 Ordinance 18-364

Number of Members: 5 Members
Term: 5 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: City Council

Brian Gerber, 12/31/15
Jim Garcia, 12/31/16
Paula Sandoval, 12/31/17
Chris Wiant, 12/31/18

Patti Shwayder, 12/31/19

Function: The primary functions include adopting rules and regulations, reviewing requests for variances from department laws and hearing appeals of decisions of the department manager.

Qualifications: At least one member shall be a non-professional who is not in public employment.

2nd Thursday of each month at 5:30 pm
200 W. 14th Avenue, 2nd Floor
Grand Mesa Conference Room.

Donna Girtin
(720) 865-5365

Enabling Authorization: City Charter A8.2

Number of Members: 5 Members
Term: POM Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None

Adrienne Benavidez, Manager of General Services
Jose Cornejo, Manager of Public Works
Debra Johnson, Clerk and Recorder
Cary Kennedy, Chief Financial Officer
Chris Herndon, President of City Council

Function: The board is responsible for performing all the duties and functions heretofore performed by the commissioners of the City and County of Denver, or board of supervisors on reference to the equalization, reduction, abatement, and rebate of general taxes. They shall perform all the duties required by the constitution and general laws of the state now or hereafter required to be performed by county commissioners, except the levying of the taxes, which shall be levied by the council.

Qualifications: None.

Geneva Campos
(720) 913-4038 

 The Board written hearings are scheduled the second Thursday of the month and held at the Assessor’s Office 201 W Colfax Dept 406, Denver, CO 80202 at 3:00pm – 4:00pm. 

The hearing dates are as follows:

  • January 8, 2015
  • February 12, 2015
  • March 12, 2015
  • April 9, 2015
  • May 14, 2015
  • June 11, 2015
  • July 9, 2015
  • August 13, 2015
  • September 10, 2015
  • October 8, 2015
  • November 12, 2015
  • December 10, 2015 

Enabling Authorization: City Charter, A5.21

Number of Members: 5
Compensation: None

Roy Wood, Mayoral Appt. 4/30/15
Edgar L. Neel, Appt. City Council, 4/30/15
Judge Andrew Armatas, Mayoral Appt, 4/30/17
Sylvia Smith, Mayoral/City Council Appt, 4/30/17
Brian J. Spano, City Council Appt, 4/20/17
Function: To advise city officers, officials and employees about potential violations of Denver Code of Ethics and to review complaints about of Code of Ethics violations.    

Four qualified electors, two to be appointed by the Mayor and two to be appointed by City Council, and one joint appointment between the Mayor and City Council.

Third Wednesday of the month at 8:00 am
201 West Colfax, Conf. Rm. 2.D.4

Michael Henry
(720) 865-8412

Enabling Authorization: Revised Municipal Code, Article IV

Number of Members: 7 Members
Term: 3 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None

Roger Lewis, 12/31/2016
Diedra Howard, 12/31/2016
Celia Vanderloop, 07/31/2016
Kevin Yoshida, 12/31/2016

Councilwoman Deborah Ortega, 12/31/2016
Jerry Tinianow, 12/31/2016

Christian Weaver, 12/31/2016

Function: The purpose of the Facilities & Energy Efficiency Advisory Board (Advisory Board) is to serve as an advisory bod to the Denver Office of Strategic Partnerships & the Department of Human Services in the distribution of approximately $ 2 million dollars each year for the 20-year period from January 1, 2007 through December 31, 2026 from the Public Service Company of Colorado (Xcel Energy) as part of the Xcel Energy Franchise Agreement with the City & County of Denver.   

Qualifications: 2 government representatives, 2 non-profit organization representatives, 2 for profit organization representatives, 1 City Council member and 1 DOSP staff member (non-voting) member. 

Miriam Pena Garcia
(720) 913-8852

Enabling Authorization: Hickenlooper Memorandum -- April, 2009
Number of Members: 1
Term: 4 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: City Council 

Norman Early, 5/23/16 

Function: Govern the district.

Qualifications: The member appointed by the Mayor must reside within the geographical boundaries of the district and have expertise in one or more areas that are relevant to the performance of the powers and duties of the board.

As needed
Stadium District Office
2195 Blake St., Denver, CO 80205

Ray Baker
(303) 773-1442

Elaine, assistant
(303) 773-1442

7400 E. Crestline
Greenwood Village, CO 80111
(Attn: Football Stadium Dist.)

Enabling Authorization: Colorado Revised Statute 32-15-104

Learn more about the Four Mile Historic Park Board by visiting the site below:

Number of Members: 5  
Year Terms: Varies 
Compensation: None
Confirmation: Yes 

Elisa Starble, 12/31/14
Lionel Espinoza, 7/20/15
Dr. Tricia Hudson, 07/20/15
Jennifer Garcia Rosendo, 07/20/15

Martina Hinojosa, 7/20/15

Function: Govern the Denver Head Start Office and ensure that it is performing all actions necessary to deliver a Head Start program in accordance with all applicable federal, state and local laws, rules, regulations and/or ordinances.

Qualifications: Membership must include one from each of the following: an experienced, licensed pediatrician or person who has experience as a professional health care provider, a certified public accountant, an attorney, an experienced childhood educator, an individual experienced in foundations or other charitable award organizations, an individual experienced in the operation of nonprofit organizations, a person experienced in business, a parent of a child formerly enrolled in Denver's Head Start programs, a person experienced in finance and/or the management of money, or a person experienced in fundraising for nonprofit purposes.

Al Martinez, Ph.D.

Meets: Location and date vary monthly. Please call to confirm.

For more information visit the Mayor's Office for Education and Children website.

Enabling Authorization: City Ordinance No. 587, Series 2001

Number of Members: 9 Members
Term: 5 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: City Council  

Dr. Fernando Carreira, 06/30/15
Rus Heise, 06/30/15
Susan Powers, 06/30/15
Hubert Farbes, 06/30/15
Kevin Kauffman, 06/30/15
Dr. Irene Aguilar, 06/30/17/
Caroline (Caz) Matthews, 06/30/17
James Crowe, 06/30/17
Dr. Doug Jones, 06/30/17 

Function: To govern the Denver Health and Hospital Authority and be responsible for the operation of the health care system.

Qualifications: None

Monthly on the fourth Thursday at 2 p.m. Please call to confirm date.
660 Bannock St., 5th Floor Board room
Denver, Co. 80204

Darlene M. Ebert
(303) 436-3155

Enabling Authority: Colorado Revised Statute 25-29-101 et Seq.

Members: 11 Members
Term: 2 Year Terms
Compensation: None
City Council Approval: No 

Mitchell McKee, 01/05/16
Jeanne Faatz, 01/05/16
Brendan Hanlon, 01/05/16
Gisela Shanahan, 01/05/16
Janna Young, 01/05/16
John Duran, 01/05/16
William Mitchell, 01/05/17

Arthur Gilkison, 01/05/17

Veronica Kirchhevel, 01/05/17

Brad Schpper, 01/05/17

Rich Gonzales, 01/05/17

Function: To advise the Mayor and City Council about employee needs for health insurance sponsored by and partially financed by the city.

Qualifications: Must be a City and County of Denver employee.

Heather Britton

3rd Tuesday of each month at 11 AM
Wellington E. Webb Municipal Building, RM 4.1.3

Enabling Authorization:

Number of Members: 37 Members
Term: 3 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None


Kari Hartel, 12/31/15
Scott Jackson, 12/31/15
Sarah Rowan, 12/31/15
James Sampson, 12/31/15
Otto Trujillo, 12/31/15
Debi Bridge, 12/31/16
Penny DeNoble, 12/31/16
Brent Heinze, 12/31/16
Eric Hoffman, 12/31/16
Steve Johnson, 12/31/16

Alexis Adams, 12/31/17
Kahlib Barton, 12/31/17
Lili Carrillo, 12/31/17
Philip Doyle, 12/31/17
Brent Dysart, 12/31/17
Robert Esquivel, 12/31/17
Robert George, 12/31/17
Pat Gourley, 12/31/17
Todd Grove, 12/31/17
Khalil Halim, 12/31/17
Martez Johnson, 12/31/17
Kay Kinzie, 12/31/17
Imani Latif, 12/31/17
Carol Lease, 12/31/17
Gerardo Pacheco, 12/31/17
Rick Proctor, 12/31/17
Melanie Reece, 12/31/17
Jalene Salazar, 12/31/17
Larry Taylor, 12/31/17
Kelly Voorhees, 12/31/17
Lisa Wheeler, 12/31/17
Tammy Garrett-Williams, 12/31/17
Tim Wright, 12/31/17

Function: The council sets priorities and policies for the allocation of the Ryan White CARE Act funds and develops a comprehensive plan for the organization and delivery of eligible services.

Qualifications: Membership includes a federal mandate, which requires the demographics of the epidemic in the eligible area involved, with particular consideration given to disproportionately affected and historically under-served groups and sub- populations. Representation may also include, but is not limited to, substance abuse providers, the State Medicaid Agency, Federal Title II Agency, a Federal Title IV and one representative from HOPWA.

Monthly- 1st Thursday
5:00-6:30 PM
190 W. 6th Ave. Room E1/E2

Jean Finn
(720) 865-5503     

Enabling Authority: Federal

Number of Members: 7
Terms: 1-2 years
Compensation: None

Patrick Coyle, 05/31/2015
Jaime Gomez, 05/31/2015
Ismael Guerrero, 05/31/2015
Milroy Alexander, 05/31/2016
Veronica Barela, 05/31/2016
David Foster, 05/31/2016
Michael Hicks, 05/31/2016

Function:  Assists Housing Director and staff in an annual review and goal setting of the housing sector in order to provide insight to changing market conditions and needs.  

Contact Person:  
Rick Padilla
(720) 913-1660

Meeting Location:  TBD 

Meeting Date:  Quarterly 

Number of Members: 9 Members
Term: 5 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: City Council  

Craig E. Archibald, 07/20/15
Jim Chavez, 07/20/15
Jamie Torres, 07/20/16
Marian Lawrence, 07/20/17
Jeffrey Martinez, 07/20/17
Ronald Fields, 07/20/19
Trinidad Rodriguez, 07/20/19
Grace Buckley, 07/20/19
Kevin Mullin, 07/20/19

Function: The authority is responsible for developing, managing and maintaing low rent housing projects for families of low and moderate income.


Monthly on the second Thursday at 4:00 pm
777 Grant Steet, 2nd Floor Ballroom
Denver, CO 80203

Ismael Guerrero
(720) 932-3105 

Enabling Authority: CRS 29-04-201, Ordinance 1938, U.S. Housing Act of 1937

Number of Members: 7 Members
Terms: 5 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None

Shawn Deberry 03/31/15
Terry Minger 03/31/16
Amy Latham 03/31/16
Marjorie B. Lewis 03/31/17
Mark Trast 03/31/17
Christine Benero, 03/31/18
Ismael Guerrero, 03/31/18

Function: The board is responsible for advising the manager with regard to the policy and operation of the department and shall review and comment on the proposed annual budget for the Department of Human Services.

Qualifications: None.

First Thursday of February, May, August, and November
7:30 - 8:30 a.m.
Richard T. Castro Human Services Building
1200 North Federal Boulevard
Denver, CO 80204

Elisabeth Ochs

Enabling Authority: City Charter, Section A15.1-A15.4

Number of Members: 7 Members
Term: 4 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None

Honorable Sheila Ann Rappaport (R) Dist. Court Judge 04/03/15
Honorable Michael Martinez (D) Dist. Court Judge 04/03/15
Natalie Meyer (R) Non-Attorney 04/03/15
M.David Johnson (D) Attorney 04/03/15
Nolbert Chavez (D) Non-Attorney, 04/03/17
Christena Estes Faraci (R) Non-Attorney, 04/03/17
Aaron Hyatt (I) Attorney, 04/03/17
John Marcucci, Ex-Officio

Function: To investigate complaints against Judges and to recommend to the Mayor the removal or retirement from office of any Judge of the Denver County Court.

Qualifications: Two attorneys, Two District Court Judges, Three non-attorneys, no more than four from the same political party.

Beverly Champion
(720) 865-7870 

 As Needed.

Enabling Authority:
 City Charter Amendment in 1972

Max. Number of Members: 7 Members
Term: 4 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None

Jack Finlaw, 07/01/16

Keith Montoya, Non-Attorney, 07/01/18
Molly Urbina, Non-Attorney, 07/01/18
Beth Doherty Quinn, Attorney, 07/01/18
Joe Blake, Non-Attorney, 07/01/18
Roger Hutson, Non-Attorney, 07/01/18
Francesca Cheroutes, Attorney, 07/01/18
John Marcucci, Ex-Officio

Function: To present nominations to the Mayor of persons for appointment to the Denver County Court Bench.

Qualifications: Three attorneys, four non-attorneys; no more than four from the same political party.

Presiding Judge John Marcucci
(720) 865-7870
Fax: (720) 865-8262
Meets: When vacancies occur, in the City and County Building, Room 108.

Enabling Authorization: Charter Amendment 1972, A13.8-3(1)

Term: 3
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None  

Responsible for authorizing and approving the expenditure and payment from the appropriation account designated “liability claims,” the sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars ($50,000.00), payable to Guara Ferrer and Ross Ziev, P.C., in full payment and satisfaction of all claims in Case No. 2012CV5411, in the Denver District Court.

Andrew Emke, Rep. AIA, 03/31/15
Ryan Holdorf, American Society of Landscape Architects, 03/31/15
Martin Goldstein, Commissioner, Planning Board, 03/31/2015
Lance Vigil, At Large, 03/31/15 
Amy Zimmer, At Large, 03/31/16
Sharon Elfenbein, Rep. Colorado Historical Society, 03/31/16
Charles Jordy, Rep. Planning Board, 03/31/16
Abigail Christman, Rep. Colorado Historical Society, 03/31/17
Douglas Walter, Rep. AIA, 03/31/17

Function: To designate, preserve, enhance, and perpetuate structures or districts of architectural, historical, or geographical significance within the City.  

Qualifications: Members must include two recommended by the Denver's American Institute of Architecture, two recommended by the Colorado Historical Society, three recommended by the Planning Board, and two at-large members.  Members must be residents of the City and County of Denver.


First and Third Tuesday of every month
1:00 - 4:00 p.m.
Wellington Webb Bldg
201 West Colfax Avenue

Enabling Authority: RMC 30-21 ordinance in 1967

Number of Members: 8 Members
Term: 4 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None 
Mike King, 8/01/14
Rosemary Marshall, 8/01/15
Jay Mead, 8/01/15
Gloria Rubio-Cortes, 8/01/16
Taylor Kirkpatrick, 8/01/16
Alice Kelly, 8/01/17
Lisa Flores, 8/01/17
Judith Joseph, 8/01/17
Function: To oversee the policies, operations, and funding of the Library and its branches; to administer gifts and trusts given to the Library. 

 A minimum of two members must be women.

Regular Commission meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month

All Central Library meetings: 8:30 a.m.
Library Commission Room on Level 7

Branch Meetings: 3:30 p.m.

Shirley Amore, City Librarian
(720) 865-2100

Asst. Rachelle Naishtut

For more information please visit the Library Commission's website.

Enabling Authorization:
 City Charter A14.6

Number of Members: 7 Members
Term: 3 year terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None

Kelly Davis 05/01/15
Ruth Falkenberg, 05/01/15
Tania Salgado, 05/01/15

Jesse Adkins, 5/01/17
Barbara Gibson, 5/01/17
Gerhard Petri 5/01/17
Ronald Straka 5/01/17

Function: To hear proposals and review requests for design and demolition plans for the Lower Downtown Business District.

Qualifications: Nominees shall be experienced in the rehabilitation of commercial or residential projects similar in scale to the buildings in lower downtown.  The seven members shall represent the following groups, interests or professions: real estate developer, practicing architect, historic preservationist, preservation architect, resident of the district, property owner in the district, and or an owner or operator of a business in the district.  Two of the four members shall not live in, own or operate a business in, practice professionally in or otherwise represent the district.

Meets: The first Thursday of every month at 7:30am at The Northern Trust Bank Community Room - Enter at 1400 16th Street Mall.

Enabling Authorization: Ordinance No. 311, Series 2002

Max. Number of Members: 14 Members
Term: Members serve at the pleasure of the Mayor
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None 

Bruce Berman
Mary Carr
Kathleen Ruby
Elliott Simonberg
Lew Taylor
Michael Uhlenkamp
Debbie Walters
Brian Wert
Mary Nell Wolff
Charles "Chuck" W. Woodward
David Livesay
Jenny LaPerriere

Function: To provide input and advice to the governing authority on issues most affected by the base closure. Formed in 1994.

Qualifications: Balance of historical surrounding neighborhoods and Lowry residents. 

Monthly - 1st Tuesday
5:30 - 7 pm
Lowry Redevelopment Authority
7290 E. 1st Avenue

Jean Lindholm
303 343-0276,ext 200

Enabling Authorization: Intergovernmental Agreement dated August 1, 1994

No Mayoral Appointments to This Board

Number of Members: 6 Members, 3 Appointed by Mayor 
Term: POM
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None 

Mary Beth Susman
Charlie Brown 
Chris Herndon 

Function: To resolve matters of joint interest between the parties.

 Cannot be a member of the Lowry Economic Development Authority.

 As needed (Call to confirm)

Jean Lindholm

Enabling Authorization: Joint agreement

Number of Members: 9 Members, 7 Appointed by Mayor 
Term: 3 years
Compensation: None
Confirmation: City Council 

John Ackerman, 8/31/15

Milroy Alexander, 8/31/15
Rachel Neumann, 8/31/15
Ann M. Torgerson, 8/31/15
Lindy Eichenbaum Lent, 8/31/16
Derek Camunez, 8/31/17
Mark Christopher Betchey, 8/31/17

Function: The authority is responsible for creating policies that provide the necessary and incidental ownership, management, maintenance, and economic redevelopment services and improvements within the Lowry area.  

 No employee of the authority shall be eligible to be a member of the board.

Monthly on the fourth Tuesday
7:30 a.m. (executive session), followed by Public Session at 8:15 a.m.
Lowry Redevelopment Office
7290 E. 1st Avenue

Jean Lindholm

Enabling Authorization: Joint agreement

Number of Members: 4 Members, plus the Manager of Public Works
Term: 3 Year Terms
Compensation: None
City Council Approval: No

Paul Sjoberg, 12/31/12
Hugh Grant, 12/31/13
Daria Castiglione, 12/31/13
George Delaney 

Karen Henry, 12/31/13
Kirstin Carlson-Todd 12/31/13
George Delaney
Anthony Romano, 12/31/13
Lisa Lunger, 12/31/14
George Delaney

Raymond Herr, 12/31/12
Mike Dire,12/31/12
Bjoern "Andy" Mannsfeld, 12/31/13
Bruce Typher, 12/31/14
George Delaney

Duey Kratzer, 12/31/13
Brad Lewis, 12/31/13
Brandy Jackson, 12/31/14
George Delaney
44th and Eliot 
David Lucas, 12/31/14
Christine Metzger, 12/31/14
Chandler Romero, 12/31/14
George Delaney 
Kenneth Wolf, 12/31/12
Charlie Woolley, 12/31/13
Johnny Klein, 12/31/14
George Delaney
Scott Heron, 12/31/12 (District A)
Christy Bright, 12/31/12 (District B & Phase II)
Allen Bemel, 12/31/12 (District B)
Marilyn Kaub, 12/31/13 (District A)
Dorothy Morris, 12/31/13 (District A)
David Valas, 12/31/12 (Phase II)
Barry Zadikoff, 12/31/14 (Phase II)
George Delaney 
George Delaney 
Paul Stann, 12/31/13
Dave Veldman, 12/31/14
George Delaney

Larry Nelson, 12/31/12
Brent Snyder, 12/31/12
Robert May, 12/31/13
Carla Hedrick 13/31/13
George Delaney
Rick Doris, 12/31/13
Jill Epstein, 12/31/13
Kenneth Coombs, 12/31/12
George Delaney
Thomas Sundheim, 12/31/12
Jon Schlegel, 12/31/14
George Delaney  

Grace Isaacs, 12/31/12
Dennis McFerrin, 12/31/13
Ermelindo "Mel" Tanguma, 12/31/14
Thomas Fazio, 12/31/14
George Delaney 

Ted Gill, 12/31/13
Debbie Stoner, 12/31/13
Gary Reed, 12/31/13
Judith Weaver,12/31/13
George Delaney 

Ray Gerken, 12/31/12
Veronica Barela, 12/31/13
William "Bud" Jones, 12/31/13
Grant Bennett, 12/31/14
George Delaney

Archie Kettler 12/31/13
Ken McLagan 12/31/13 
George Delaney
John Richardson, 12/31/12
Scott Little, 12/31/16
Nancy Saunders, 12/31/16
George Delaney 

Alan Wong 12/31/13
Michael Zoellner, 12/31/13
Judy Blaes, 12/31/14
Jeffrey Beaird, 12/31/14
George Delaney 

Mark Berzins, 12/31/13
Larry Kort, 12/31/13
J.L.  "Palmy" Palmquist, 12/31/13
Gilbert "Don" Maes, 12/31/14
George Delaney

George Luce, 12/31/13
Charles Perry, 12/31/14
George Delaney

Richard Navarro, 12/31/13
Edward Quintrall 12/31/113
George Delaney

Julia Park 12/31/12
Steven Smith 12/31/12
Joel Gehauf, 12/31/13
Patrick Velasquez, 12/31/14
George Delaney

Issac Points, 12/31/13
Gaylene Harris, 12/31/13
Floyd Jones, 12/31/15
George Delaney

Timothy Boettcher, 12/31/12
Dominque Cook, 12/31/12
Mike Sharp, 12/31/12
William "Bill" Wieder, 12/31/12
George Delaney

Dominique Cook, 12/31/14

Daniel Kuhlman, 12/31/12
Amber Sayle, 12/31/12
Mark Meiser, 12/31/12
J.L. "Palmy" Palmquist, 12/31/12
George Delaney 

Function: The board is responsible for creating an environment that enhances the ability of property owners, tenants and retailers to prosper individually.

Qualifications: Members must be retailers, tenants or property owners in the area served by the district.

Meets: As needed

Brendan Kelly

Enabling Authorization: City Charter, Sections A2.29-A2.45

Number of Members: 6
Term: 3 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None

Mary Haynes, 12/01/15

Lucille Johnson, 12/01/16
Jesse Ogas, 12/01/16
Roberta Payne, 12/01/16
Doug Linkart, 12/01/16

Don Mares, 03/01/17

Function: The board is responsible for developing and maintaining a system of care for the mentally ill in Denver, soliciting and receiving funds to be used for service to indigent patients, directly providing health care services under certain conditions and attempting to serve the mental health needs of Denver citizens.

Qualifications: 5 members shall be from the following areas: Denver City Council, Denver Health Medical Center, Colorado General Assembly, State or Municipal government offices, mental health advocacy organizations, health and medical professionals, board members or similar executives from the business community and philanthropic organizations, and/or consumers of mental health services

Monthly on the fourth Wednesday at 5:30 p.m.
4141 East Dickenson Place

Carl Clark
303 504-6649

Enabling Authorization: Executive Order

Number of Members: 23 Members
Terms: 2 Year Terms
Compensation: $75 per meeting
Confirmation: City Council


Andrew Johnston, 6/30/15
Barbara Puls, 6/30/15
Peter Baertlein, 6/30/15
Steve Garcia, 6/30/15
Victor Padilla, 6/30/15
Charlie Brown, 6/30/16
Ronald K. Younger, 6/30/16
Cheryl Cohen-Vader, 6/30/16

Function: To oversee the policies and operations of the district as well as the $18 million in capital improvements authorized in the 1982 bond election.

Qualifications: Members chosen from 20 municipalities and quasi-municipal jurisdictions, within the Denver Metro area. New members every odd year. Members must be Denver residents.

Monthly on the third Tuesday at 5:30 p.m.
District Office
6450 York Street.

Brenda Hungerford
303 286-3306

Enabling Authorization: Colorado Revised Statute 32-4-5, 1953; City Ordinance 1961

Learn more about the Denver Parks and Recreation Board by visiting the link below

Number of Members: 11 Members
Term: 3 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None 

Julie Underdahl, 06/30/15
Shannon Gifford, 06/30/15
Frank Schultz, 06/30/15
Susan Pearce, 06/30/15
Andy Baldyga, 06/30/16
James Bershof, 06/30/16
Brittany Morris, 6/30/16
Arleen Taniwaki, 06/30/17
Joel Noble, 06/30/17
Christopher Smith, 06/30/17
Renee Martinez-Stone, 06/30/17

Function: The board is responsible for giving general supervision of the policies of the Planning Office, recommend essential amendments to a comprehensive plan for the orderly growth and harmonious development of the City and the metropolitan area.

Qualifications: None

First and third Wednesday of every month
3:00PM – 5:00PM
Wellington Webb Building
4th floor room 4.F.6 or 4.G.2
201 W. Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80202

Tina Axelrad

Enabling Authorization: Ordinance 1933 (Revised Municipal Code, Chapter 41-30)

Njmber of Members: 1 Member
Term: 1 Year Terms
Compensation: None 
Confirmation: None 
Hon. Mary Celeste, 12/31/10
 Administers the activities of the County Courts and makes Judicial assignments.

Qualifications: Currently be serving on the bench of the County Court.

Cynthia Moore


Enabling Authorization:

Number of Members: 9 Members
Term: 3
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None

Andrew Feinstein, Rep. Private Property Owner, 04/30/15 
Jennifer Kustok, Rep. Restaurant Industry, 04/30/15
Frank Schultz, Rep. Financial Knowledge, 04/30/15
Anthony Thomas, Rep. Registered Neighborhood Organization, 04/30/15

Function: Shall oversee the implementation and administration of articles II and III of chapter 37.
Shall make recommendations and reports to the Mayor and City Council concerning articles II and III of chapter 37.

Qualifications: 2 members from registered neighborhood organizations, 1 member with financial knowledge and/or background, 1 member from the liquor and restaurant industry, 1 member from the property mgmt. industry/ landlord. 3 members private property owners and 1 member from the hotel/motel industry.

Meets: At least 4 times annually

Lt. Mark Fleecs

Enabling Authorization: City Ordinance 443/2002, Council Bill 422
Number of Members: 3 Members
Term: 2 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: City Council 

Christopher B. Colwell, MD, 12/31/15
Kathryn Beauchamp, MD 12/31/15
W. Scott Field, 12/31/15 

Function: The RETAC is charged with maintaining the provisions of minimum service regarding emergency medical services and a trauma care system.

 The Mile High RETAC will consist of three voting members from each of the five counties or city and county who collectively represent government, pre-hospital, facility, urban and rural interests as equally as possible.  Only one representative from each agency or facility may be appointed.

3rd Thursday of odd months
11:00 -1:00 PM
Rita Bass Trauma Center
191 W. 6th Ave, Room C

Sue Moon

Enabling Authorization:
 Ordinance 322; CRS 25-3.5-704

Number of Members: 5 Members
Term: 6 Year Terms
Compensation: $100 per meeting
Confirmation: None

Eric Rothaus, 01/01/16
John J. Hanley, 01/01/17
Thomas Williams, 01/01/19
Cheryl Cohen-Vader, 01/01/20

Guadalupe Gutierrez-Vasquez, 01/01/20

Function: The board is responsible for establishing policies and handling funds for the retirement program for City and County of Denver employees.

Qualifications: None

Monthly on the Third Friday
8:00 a.m.
Denver Employee’s Retirement Plan Office
777 Pearl St.
Denver, Co

Steve Hutt
Phone: 303 839-5419
Fax 303-839-9525

Enabling Authorization:
 Revised Municipal Code Section 18-405

Number of Members: 7 Members
Term: 3 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None

Sean Mackin, 10/31/15
Michelle Tenorio, 10/31/15
Cindy Bosco, 10/31/17
Tenlee Shoffstall, 10/31/17
M. Theresa Mendoza, 10/31/17

Function: The committee is responsible for the design and adoption of a plan, establishing payroll deductions which allow city employees, who redirect salary (for example, for transit passes, childcare or medications), to have that money be tax deductible.

Qualifications: Members must be employees of the City and County of Denver. There shall be seven members, appointed by the Mayor, provided however, that at least one member must be an officer or employee of the Department of Environmental Health. At least two of the members shall be participants in the plan or become participants within one year of their appointment.

 As needed. Please call to confirm location, date and time.

Heather Britton
 Members must be employees of the City and County of Denver. There shall be seven members, appointed by the Mayor, provided however, that at least one member must be an officer or employee of the Department of Environmental Health. At least two of the members shall be participants in the plan or become participants within one year of their appointment. As needed. Please call to confirm location, date and time. Heather Britton

Enabling Authorization:
 City Ordinance No. 325 in 1999
Number of Members: 11 Members, 9 appointed by Mayor
Term: 5 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: City Council 

Terry Whitney, 6/30/15
Michael Kearns, 6/30/15
Allegra "Happy" Haynes, 6/30/15
King Harris, 6/30/16
Stephen Miller, 06/30/16
Scott Prestidge, 06/30/16
Justin Ross, 6/30/16
Kevin Marchman, 6/30/17
John Moye, (DURA)
David Hart, 6/30/18 (DURA)
Patrick Teegarden, 6/30/18

Function: The board is responsible for planning and implementing the assessment and redevelopment of property comprising the Stapleton International Airport, including the disposition of property and the utilization of real estate development techniques and financial resource options.

Qualifications: Experience and skills necessary to plan, manage and complete successful real estate development activities.

4th Thursday of the following months at 7:30 a.m.
January, March, May, July, September, November/December (date to be determined due to Thanksgiving). 
The Board meetings are held in the SDC offices at 7350 E. 29th Ave., Suite 300, Denver, CO 80238.

Tammi Holloway

Enabling Authorization: Articles of Incorporation July 5, 1995

Number of Members: 11 Members
Term: 5 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: City Council

William Pruter, 04/03/14
Monique Lovato, 4/03/15 
Phil Caplan, 04/03/15
James L. Basey, 04/3/15
Catherine Cox-Blair 04/03/16
Josh Widoff, 04/03/17
Terri Jackson, 04/03/17
Patricia Gage, 04/03/18
Kent (K.C.) Veio, 04/03/18
Julie Lerudis, 04/03/19
Ismael Guerrero, 04/03/19
Diedra Garcia, 04/03/19 

Function: To administer program funds, including tax increment financing, eliminate slum and blight for other purposes including redevelopment, rehabilitation, conservation and construction of improvements in accordance with state and federal regulations.

Qualifications: None required

Monthly third Thursday at 8 a.m.
DURA (Denver Dry Building)
1555 California St., Suite 200

Taryn Lewis

Enabling Authority: Colorado Revised Statutes 31-25-101

Number of Members: 2 nominated by the Mayor with an alternate
Term: N/A 
City Council Approval:

Councilwoman Judy Montero, Government Policy Committee
Peter Baertlein, Alternate for Montero
Ellen Ittelson, Technical Support Committee
Mark Najarian, Alternate for Ittelson  

Function: The purpose of the CGC is to provide a formal mechanism through which elected public officials can develop a broad perspective within which to advocate for their local communities’ transportation needs.

Qualifications: This person must be able to speak on behalf of the Mayor. Elected representatives from the jurisdictions in the US 36 study area will comprise the CGC. Each jurisdiction in the study area is invited to appoint one elected official and one alternate to serve on the CGC. 

Fourth Tuesday of each month
Westminster City Park Recreation Center
10455 Sheridan Blvd

Jonathan Bartsch

Enabling Authorization:
 Intergovernmental Agreement

Number of Members: 5 Members
Term: 6 Year Terms
Compensation: Annually $600
Confirmation: None

John Lucero, 07/10/2015
Penfield Tate III, 07/10/2017
Thomas Gougeon, 07/10/17
Paula Herzmark, 07/10/2019
Gregory Austin, 07/10/2019

Function: To have complete charge and control of a water works system and plant for supplying the City and County of Denver and its inhabitants with water for all uses and purposes; to establish policy and programs, to oversee construction, the approve budget and expenditures of the Water Department.

 Must be at least 25 years old to serve, and must live in the City and County of Denver.

Monthly on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday
9:00 AM
Denver Water Department
1600 West 12th Avenue

Sally Covington
303 628-6656

Enabling Authorization: Established by City Charter C4.14

Number of Members: 5 appointed by Mayor
Year Terms: 4
Compensation: None
Confirmation: City Council

Fran Coleman, 01/01/15
Rachel Contizano, 01/01/16
George Brantley, 01/01/16
Elizabeth H. Horn, Service provider, 01/01/17
Bridget Kaminetsky, At-Large, 01/01/17
Penny May, NONE

Function: The board is responsible for adopting policies, rules and regulations pertaining to the function, duties and responsibilities of the Denver Welfare Reform Board and the Dept. of Human Services.

 Membership includes the Mayor or his designee,the Manager of Human Services,two City Council Members, one member from the Denver business community, one member from the One-Stop Career Center System, one member with Early Childhood Education/Child Care background, one member from the Board of Human Services, one at-large member, one member who is a former welfare recipient and one member who has experience as a Human Services service provider.

Monthly on the Second Wednesday
5:00 – 7:00 p.m
Denver Department of Human Services
1200 Federal Blvd, conference room 3110. 

Also meets quarterly January, April, July, and August at 38th and Steele at 5pm.

Barbara Anderson

Enabling Authorization: Ordinance 673 Series 1997

Number of Members: 5
Terms: 5 Years
Two members are Mayoral Appointees from the City and County of Denver and three members are selected by the board. 
Compensation: None
Confirmation: No


Bill Mosher 12/22/14
Evan Dreyer 9/20/16, Mayoral Appointee
Lauri Dannemiller 11/20/16, Mayoral Appointee
Sarah Rockwell, 09/30/17
Trinidad Rodriguez, 07/27/19  

Function: The association is responsible for overseeing and facilitating Intrawest's operation of the Winter Park Resort under the Lease and Operating Agreement between the Association and an Intrawest affiliate and the development of the Resort's real estate under the Option Agreement between the Association and an Intrawest Affiliate. 

 Members must be residents of, or have his or her principal place of business in, the City and County of Denver.  Other qualifications apply as described in Supplemental VII (see below).

Second Monday every other month, February, April, June, August, October, and December
101 W. Colfax
Denver, Co

Liz Orr

Enabling Authorization:  
Supplemental Agreement No. VII to Agreement between the Winter Park Recreational Association and the City and County of Denver
Number of Members: 3 Members
Term: 3 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: City Council

David E. Thomson, 12/31/14
Michelle Lucero, 12/31/16
Honorable Chris Nevitt, 12/31/16

Function: To review and accept funds transfers from Winter Park Trust in to the City and County of Denver.

Qualifications: Three voting members appointed from either the public or private sector by the Mayor upon confirmation by the council.

Meets: Annually, location TBD

Laura Perry

Enabling Authorization: Joint Operating Agreement

Visit the Denver Women’s Commission Site Below:

Number of Members: around 25 (or as required)
Term: 2 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None

James Crowe, 12/31/14
Paula Cummings, 12/31/14
Lynne Elm-Picard, 12/31/14
Bernard McCune, 12/31/14
Sharon Vigil, 12/31/14
Margaret Kirkpatrick, 12/31/14
Caren Swales, 12/31/14
Sandra Wagner, 12/31/14
Cori Charvat, 12/31/14
Katrina Wert, 12/31/14
Megan Huffnagle, 12/31/14
Mitch Lehn, 12/31/14
Kristine Thompson, 12/31/14
Stephanie Van Cleve, 12/31/15
Mark Genkinger, 12/31/15
Stephanie Klein, 12/31/15
Mary Broderick, 12/31/15
Clarence McDavid, 12/31/15
Kelli Kelly, 12/31/15
Sherry Martin, 12/31/15
Melissa Martinet, 12/31/15
Solomon Muwanga, 12/31/15
Turid Nagel-Casebolt, 12/31/15

Function: The board provides program oversight and policy guidance for all Federal, State and locally funded workforce investment programs, including the operation of Denver's Workforce Centers.

Qualifications: Must include representatives of local business, educational agencies, labor organizations, community-based organizations, economic development agencies, and each agency partnered in the workforce centers; the chair and majority of members must be from private sector business.

Monthly on the 2nd Friday
11:15 A.M.
Denver Metro Chamber of Commerce
1445 Market St., 4th Floor Board Room.

David Ford

Enabling Authorization:  Authorized by the Workforce Investment Act, P.L. 105-220, signed into law on 8/7/1998, and most recently certified by the Colorado Workforce Development Council on 11/3/2010

Maximum Number of Members: 21 Members
Term: 3 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: City Council

Natriece Bryant, 08/31/14
Olukemi Akinboyewa, 08/31/14
Ulysses Estrada, 08/31/14
Robert Franklin, II, 08/31/14
Tala Moore, 08/31/14
Leo Pittari, 08/31/14
Samuel Ramos, 08/31/14
Jamie Villarreal, 08/31/14
Martin Zimmerman, 08/31/14
Frank Garza-Ortiz, 08/31/15
Adan Hawkins, 08/31/15
Maureen McNamara, 08/31/15
Angelita Moreno, 08/31/15
Sydney Oswald, 08/31/15
Jianah Sanchez, 08/31/15
Jorden Cammack, 08/31/16
Chad Clark, 08/31/16
Kimmia Franklin, 08/31/16
Nicole Holmlund, 08/31/16
Corrine Jackamore, 08/31/16
Kiana Pasillas, 08/31/16
Tatiana Talesnick 

Function: The power and duites of this advisory commisssion shall be to: (1) advise the director of the agency on the special problems of their respective constituent groups, (2) recommend work programs for the agency, and (3) to anually recommend goals and objectives of the commission.

 Members shall include 11 people between the ages of 14 and 18, five members who represent private agencies serving youth and five members representing city agencies serving youth.

Meets: Meetings are held at Youth on Record, 1301 W. 10th Avenue from 6:00 to 7:30 pm, the first and third Wednesday of each month.

Erin Brown


Enabling Authorization: Revised Municipal Code 28-20 in 1984

Number of Members: 4 Members, 4 Appointed by the Mayor
Term: 3 Year Terms
Compensation: None
Confirmation: None

Veronica Barela, 12/31/15
Patricia Barela-Rivera, 12/31/16
Sid Wilson, 12/31/16

Doug Tisdale, 12/31/17

Function: It is the Foundation’s responsibility to plan, establish, re-establish, manage, operate and develop the City’s zoological gardens, exhibits and such other allied and related work, research and planning as may be found desirable for the use, benefit and enjoyment of the citizens of the City and County of Denver and the general public.

Qualifications: If foundation membership increases, the number of City members shall be increased proportionately. Eligibility to serve on each standing and special committee, including the executive committee.

Monthly on the third Wednesday
11:00 a.m.
Denver Zoological Gardens Administrative Offices
2300 Steele Street, Johnson Conference Room.

Patricia Barela-Rivera

Enabling Authorization: Joint Operating Agreement, 1998

Contact Us

To apply for a board and commission or to get more information on Denver's Boards and Commissions, please contact:

Anthony Aragon
Director, Denver Boards and Commissions
Fax: 720-865-8787

Board or Commission Appointments

Civic engagement, defined as, “Active participation and collaboration among individuals, government and the private sector to influence and determine decisions that affect the citizen public”, is the cornerstone of our democracy. We encourage you to apply for those that meet your interest, skills and/or qualifications. Please keep in mind that this content is only indicative of boards and/or commissions for which the Mayor appoints applicants. Your application will be kept on file for a period of two years, during which time you will be considered for any vacancies. To assure full consideration of your application for a board or commission appointment, it is important to review the responsibilities and requirements. Certain boards and/or commissions may require special qualifications, i.e. professional licensing or experience and geographic location.

When applying for a position, please follow these guidelines:

  • Locate the board and/or commission(s) of interest to you
  • Prepare a letter of interest for each board and/or commission addressed to Mayor Michael Hancock * Complete a separate application for each board and/or commission (Applications can be found on this web site or by calling Mayor Hancock office at 720-865-9090. Applications may be duplicated.)
  • Attach a current resume or biography to your application
  • Submit the application packet at least 45 days prior to the vacancy date for positions that are currently occupied
  • Mail or fax the complete packet for each board and/or commission for which you are applying for to:

    The Honorable Michael Hancock, Mayor, 
    Attn: Anthony Aragon, Director, Boards and Commissions
    City and County of Denver
    1437 Bannock St., Room 350
    Denver, Colorado 80202
    Phone: (720)865-9032
    Fax: (720)865-8787

Due to monthly updates, this information may be subject to change without notice. Information contained in this publication is available in alternate formats upon request.