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Mar 24 2015 (21 reads)

Saying goodbye to a key Peak founder, looking forward to things ahead. To see more, click here.

Mar 03 2015 (170 reads)

2014 was a great year filled with fun, progress, and innovation!

Jan 01 2015 (176 reads)

In 2014, the Office of Economic Development and the Department of Excise and Licenses made great strides in process improvement and innovation. 

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On Day One, Mayor Hancock launched his Peak Performance effort to support his administration's priorities of kids, jobs and safety net for the less fortunate. Instead of outside experts telling city workers how to do their jobs better, the Peak Performance approach invests in Denver's employees by giving them the tools to solve city problems. Through the Peak Performance initiative, city employees have identified inefficiencies and embraced a new culture of  innovation and improvement to eliminate inadequacies and provide the best service possible. Thanks to these employees’ efforts, the City of Denver will save $10 million annually by working to make each and every department operate at Peak Performance.

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A key component of the city’s customer experience priorities is to ensure that the
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